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Army Painter Dragon Red Alternative?

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Hey there everyone!


I am looking for a possible alternative spray paint for priming my miniatures that is comparable to the Dragon Red spray primer from the Army Painters line of sprays. If anyone has a favorite, tried and true, or just effective red primer of similar color that they could relay to me; I would appreciate it.


Thanks in advance.



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Abandon hope. I'm sorry to come off so negative, it's just that I recently bought another, non Army Painter primer, and it's a disaster.


If it works, I say just stick with it.


Have they discontinued making that color?

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Krylon only makes ruddy brown (rust), black, white, and gray.


However! There is hope.


Recently, Liquitex, the old tried-and-true maker of oils and acrylics for artists, has unleashed a brand of spray paints which appear to be perfect for this application, are water-based, and do not shine like regular spray paints do. From what I've seen, they go on very much like the Army Painters do.


The good news? They have a whole range of great colors, with medium and light versions to compliment base colors (as if they had us in mind!).


The bad news? They are very expensive ($11.99 a can), and they are exclusive to Michael's - ugh!! Probably the worst of marketing ploys, as I have yet to encounter a Michael's that regularly stocks anything at all, and indeed, my local Michael's ran out of the best reds in the line almost immediately, and have yet to restock any of them.

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Ah, now that you mention it, I saw an ad about a week ago for the new Liquitex spray, but haven't looked into it yet. One good thing about Michaels, just about every week they have a 40% off coupon - and you can use one daily.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.


@Joshuaslater - They still make it. You can order it off the website if needed. Hard to find in stores though.


@Brunnwald - Thanks for the heads up on the Liquitex. I would curious to see the color match up considering that Michaels regularly has large percentage discount sales. (as Baphomet says) Scary though that it costs more than the Army Painter off the shelf.


True that Michaels hardly ever stocks properly. Bit off putting, really.


But thanks again for the feedback guys. If anyone else gets curious on this and has anymore ideas, keep em coming. Until then, time to restock my Dragon Red. I have Blood Angels, and Red based Nids to do. :upside:



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That's solid Bruun!

I actually bought some of the stuff a couple days ago. I bought Burnt Umber, Raw Umber and Unbleached Titanium, which together form a really good triad for a sandy/dirty effect. I painted up a beach scene with them, and I gotta tell you - this stuff is awesome! It dries matte, the color is great, and it's safe on foam. The one thing to keep in mind is it takes longer than standard acrylic to dry. But otherwise, it is as rich as any other paint I've used. Really nice stuff, and the can is really heavy. The nozzle is nice, too, giving a good solid spray, as well as being perfect for "dusting."


You can probably tell I am in love with this stuff.


It's been cold and rainy here, so I am looking forward to trying it in drier weather. Right now, it really does take a long time to dry. You need to have a solid hour before you work on it, at least in this weather.

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      I stumbled on this while looking for something to prime my new foam terrain set.
      An internet search later and I found some locally, purchased and experimented.
      It says it creates a thin durable primed surface that seals the foam and makes it safe to spray with other aerosol paints.

      Well, it is definitely thin and is not going to hide any detail, I will apply two coats just to be safe.

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