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Beware the Gnomes!


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Here are my scraggers. The beginnings of my painted Gnome army. YAY for paint!

The basic colors for the army are orange, blue and green. I wanted the gnomes to look creepy so I gave em all glowy pupilless eyes, although it is hard to see in the piccys. In hand it is there but subtle as I didn't want it to look like slopped paint. Also each shield has skin strapped to it hence the different variations on the colors. I figured the gnomes take trophies, as I get more done I will diversify the colors on the shields, maybe green for orcs and other colors for darkspawn.


These are tabletop, and have yet to be based.



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very cool paint scheme. Fits them well! and love the idea of the skin on the shields.


Only thought is, and it may just be the pic, but the white teeth look extra white considering the darkness of the rest of the piece. You might consider having more shaded teeth.

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Thanks guys. Jason I'll dirty up the teeth more, as I doubt they would have dental ;0.

The skin is the Volcano Browns Triad which I think is out of print. The SKU #'s are 09178, 09179, and 09180, and linen white to help lighted it at the end. I cant claim credit though as I am pretty sure DKS painted a dark elf or something with this triad.

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