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Kargir vs. Sisters

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I took my Kargir out for their maiden voyage this weekend against Greg an his sisters. I don't quite remember the list exactly, but I think it's pretty close.


Kargir - 998 points


Troop 1


Armor of Courage

Knax Madmaw, Goblin Shaman


Venomspite, Gnoll Sniper

Goblin Swarmer x 12

Black Orc Marauder x 5


Troop 2

Yenkrak Boneflail

Venomspite, Gnoll Sniper

Gnoll Reaver x 3

Hyena x 3


Troop 3

Mountain Troll


Luck Stone


Sisterhood - 1000 points


Troop 1

Joeliyn, Leader of the Blade

Angelic Warrior x 2

Argent Knight x 2

Blade Warden x 2

Blade Sister x 2


Troop 2

Callindra Silverspell

Lorielle Silverrain

Magic Ranged Weapon

Silver Arrows

Blade Sister x 2

Blade Warden x 2


Troop 3

Kassandra of the Blade

Shadow Sister x 4


Troop 4

Marda of the Blade

Chain Sister x 4


Troop 5

Luck Stone


Turn 1 saw the Angels charge forward towards my casters. One of the angels took out Madmaw, then was charged by the Troll, a goblin, and an orc. By turn two, both the Angel and the Troll were dead. The second angel headed towards Yenkrak, but got shot down by the Venomspites.


Over the first couple turns my army advanced towards the sisters' line. I was worried about being turned into a pincushion, but in hindsight the Sisters' shooting was largely ineffective, and I actually outgunned them with the dual Venomspites. I think Lorielle killed 3-4 goblins the whole game. When my line hit the Sisters, I couldn't hit jack squat. And since I was relying largely on Meat Shields FA, all my misses turned into dead Goblins and no Rampage. Eventually the orcs starting to hit things, and get hit back. Kavorgh took out a few Chain Sisters, a few Blade Sisters, and Callindra before being taken down. Eventually it was down to just the Venomspites and Yenkrak versus Joeliyn, Lorielle, 2 Argent Knights, a Chain Sister, and a Blade Warden. The Venomspites killed Joeliyn, Lorielle (I think), and the Blade Warden before going down.


A great game against Greg, but I felt like I was behind almost the whole game. Being my first game with the Kargir, I have a hard time evaluating if it was the list, or my tactics. Meat Shields and Rampage sound good in theory, but in practice were more of a gimmick.

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