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Monkey Tep Miniatures

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Sounds great & good luck with those games!


Also, I forgot to add, I'd like a max table limit at 6 & a minimum of 4 for all of my games. I can modify the adventures if needed as I'll have that all prepared in advance.

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I am planning on running heavy PF Society on Thursday and Friday. I will pass most of the PF Society stuff over to Greg Vaughan on Saturday and Sunday. I do know I'm writing a module for the Con, (to go with the theme). I also am trying to find PF rounds that also suit the favor of the Con. If you are interested in running a round let me know.

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Will there be time set aside in the evenings for playing random Boardgames? I had a blast last year playing new games with new people. I figured scheduling may encourage people to bring a fun new or old game to try.


I hope so too. What happens at night? I hope that there are events in the evening (assuming I haven't melted my brain from the classes).

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Night events are pretty much the same as the day events. Pretty much RCon when they open the doors to when they shove us out the door, ha ha.


Of course it winds down & such but there are things still going on in the late hours of each day.

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I'll be on hand with a number of non Reaper themed events in the off chance my scheduled event doesn't fly. Perish the thought!


I plan to bring pregens and materials for the following rules light games:


Barbarians of Lemuria (classic sword & sorcery a la Conan, Kull, and Thangor)\

Lone Wolf Multiplayer (high fantasy, human dominated setting, sorta Game of Thrones meets Middle earth)

Hollow Earth Expedition (1930's adventure pulp a la Indiana Jones, The Mummy)

Advanced Fighting Fantasy (Tolkienesque fantasy with elements of Warhammer Fantasy)


Thirty one days to go...


Back to writing.



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I've already voiced this to you but I am seriously interested in some Hollow Earth action! I hope others are too! I'm all about some pulpy mayhem! Can I request a pregen that's a female if we get to play? I was stuck with playing a dude at Gencon. It was ok but girls are just so much more fun. ;)

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I've already voiced this to you but I am seriously interested in some Hollow Earth action! I hope others are too! I'm all about some pulpy mayhem!


Your enthusiasm convinced me to bring HEX to RC2012.


Can I request a pregen that's a female if we get to play? I was stuck with playing a dude at Gencon. It was ok but girls are just so much more fun. ;)


Absolutely, you can count on seeing a nice selection of compelling female leads for any HEX game I run. Count on seeing a daring bush pilot, an imperiled actress, a field savvy academic, and an intrepid tomb raider. A few others have also crossed my mind including a Scion of Atlantis, a fearless kid with a slingshot, an Amazonian warrior, a Mambo (practioner of voodoo), a female member of the Rocket Ranger Corp, a witch, and an Australian Outback gunslinger. Time provided, I may pull a few of these together as well.



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"....an intrepid tomb raider." Yup that has Jake Ryan, written all over it. ha ha


Penny Fabre i.e. the tomb raider in HEX is popular with both men & women 'cuz she's awesome.


Is there any preview of the HE rules online anywhere?


I believe the HEX Free RPG Day scenarios contain the core of the rules along with a few sample characters and a simple adventure.


I teach the rules as we play and it only takes about 1 minute for me to explain the basics.


I've been a member of the official HEX Expedition Leaders program since Exile introduced the program.


Hopefully we'll have time.



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      This looks fantastic!!  Beautiful artwork on this Sword and Sorcery RPG.  Get in on the last 16 hours and help make it happen.
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      Prepping for the next Bones I WIP.
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      This looks pretty fun. Apologies for formatting on my phone and stuff got lost. They pay a living wage
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      Hi people.
      Im going to start another PBP.  So far I have interest from @ShadowRaven, @dwarvenranger, @Dilvish the Deliverer, and @Kangaroorex.
      We’re going to start the Serpent’s Skull adventure path.  Pathfinder 1e.
      All books are in play, but I reserve the right to veto something if it seems too gross/bloated.
      Please utilize the Serpent’s Skull Players Guide from the Paizo website.
      Abilities: 4d6, reroll all 1’s, drop lowest score, yielding ranges from 2-18 pre mods.
      Avg. Starting gold.
      We’ll follow the AP leveling track when possible.
      We’ll have individual initiative.
      I hope to get this started soon, so please post those characters.

      House Rules
      1. HP beyond first level.  Roll the hit die.  If the roll is less than”avg” then take avg instead.  Example: Wizard d6.  Rolls a 1.  Gets 4hp instead, before Con mod.
      2. Acrobatics can be used to avoid AOO when standing from prone.
      3. If someone is not responding and action is waiting for them, I’ll send a pm after 24 hours.  If no response 24 hours later, I’ll take over that character to get action rolling again.
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