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77004-Cave Troll (Reaper Bones)

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This is my first attempt at painting a Bones figure. I admit that I chickened out and did a light spray of white primer on the model before painting. Painting this figure has been a pleasure (especially with the light weight).


I haven't noticed any drop off in quality, difficulty of painting, or and special care that I needed to engage...as compared to a metal Reaper model.


I like using trolls in and around swamp terrain so I painted him with that motif, and I took the time to base him properly before posting pics this time. :)


DISCLAIMER: The right hand (over his head) IS in fact a more putrid/different color than the rest of the miniature. This particular troll recently had a run in with a group of adventurers and it cost him his hand, but he survived and is currently regenerating his limb.


I also painted the two large pods on his back as though he's carrying a couple of his babies around after having mated a few weeks back.



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Splendid work.

Although the idea of something like that regenerating and REPRODUCING is rather unsettling...

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Where in the world do you get so much time to paint? lol, it's probably just that I'm a really slow painter by comparison. :;):


But seriously, I really like all of your stuff; I just don't get around to commenting on it as often as I'd like. The troll is great, and you'll definitely have an impressed (and potentially a little scared) group of adventurers in your next play session.

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Thanks everyone!


I'm an RN, so my schedule is very flexible...I guess that's where I get the time. :)


@ Dr.Bedlam - I too am terrified of of a creature that regens and carries it's young around like this, but it's part of my troll mythos. It is one of the reasons why trolls are such a problem in my gaming world.

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That looks good. It occurs to me that, since the troll is regenerating its hand, you COULD have cut off his hand partway through, and used a little greenstuff to make some ragged regrowth on the edges of the wound. Just an idea.



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This is truly inspiring. One of my favourite recent postings (of course, everything posted on this board is fantastic). Great job--wow.


What kind of static grass did you use on the base?

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The base is actually a combination of 4 different 'grasses'.

  • I used some on the log which is woodland scenics: blended turf (brownish/yellow)
  • I used some woodland scenics: blended turf on the ground (green)
  • I also used some static grass from Citadel.
  • Finally, the moss is something I picked up years ago at Hobby Lobby or Michael's and was a primary inspiration on color for purposes of his natural camouflage.

Swamp terrain is known for it's diverse flora so I wanted to use a variety of different textures and colors to bring it to life.

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Bit of thread necromancy, but I just came across the picture of this Troll again. Every time I read your description about those purple pods on its back it gives me the heeby jeebies! Disgustingly terrifying!


Olaf the Stout

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Haha this is awesome! The concept and execution of really lovely, some really great painting. Love that base too.

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