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Hey all,


I bought a few 25mm horses and mules from megaminis to practise painting animals before moving on to my more expensive models.


I painted a brown horse pretty effectively, but I'm really uncomfortable with painting the white horse. I've used an off-white base and will be using a lighter shade for the highlights, but I'm not sure about what colour to shade it with? Grey? Brown? I tried shading with a light brown and it's coming out almost orange.


I don't have a camera capable of photographing minis, but any advice is appreciated.

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I would try black or grey for shading if your brown is too orange. Or maybe try blending a dot of black into a drop of brown to see if that helps.


Look at pictures of white horses on the internet. See if you can identify shadow colors. Try plugging pictures into the color finder thingie Reaper has.

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I would avoid any dark colors to shade the white with. White is a subtle color, esp. on a horse. A white horse will only appear shaded starkly in harsh sunlight, and even then a midtone grey at best:




Pick an off-white linen or leather color for the shade instead.




I recommend the Bone Triad. Aged Bone is a nice warm shading color for white, while Bone Shadow is good for the darkest underside and deepest muscle definitions. (Like the horse's chest in the pic above.) Alternately the Khaki triad works well, but will impart a warmer color to the skin.

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That being said, a true white has pink skin and a grey horse that looks white is, well, grey. However, the bone triad is VERY pleasing and enables harmony with the typical yellowish main and tail coloration one sees.


So I took the long route to say - listen to Laszlo!!!

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I agree with Laszlo on using Aged Bone. Bone Shadow might be too warm/brown of a shadow color for my taste, though; I would use a cooler color such as Stone Grey, or mix some Shadowed Stone with the Aged Bone to get a color close to Stone Grey.

Adding a hint of those pink skin tones at the muzzle and ears will be subtle touches, but they'll also help.

Good luck!


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It all depends on the type of gray you're going for. I've shaded "white" gray horses with gray just fine but I've also used lighter bluish grays as well. The closer the skin is to the surface, like around the eyes and muzzle, generally the darker it will be.


There are so many different types of grays that many colors will work.


Dapple grays...




Dapple grays that have faded almost completely as they get older. General Lee's horse was a famous one.




There are rose grays - basically a chestnut horse graying out.




A mixture of both...




And your completely white gray.










You can have a whole lot of fun with a gray horse.

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