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Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (Privateer Press)


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There are those of you who are going to like this paint job and I'm sure there are more artistic individuals who are going to hate this paint job.


Without a doubt, this has been one of the most challenging minis I've ever painted. The figure is in movement and the movement is slightly exaggerated making shading and highlighting while maintaining a consistent light position quite difficult.


I did freehand on his head, shoulder and the blackened runes on the bright gold.


I intend on using this guy as a supreme world destroyer in my DnD game when my players have defeated the 5 Horsemen.




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Bold color scheme, Adrift. Much less subtle than the normal Everblight pale blue that this model would normally see for skintone.


The colors contrast well, and your painting is smooth, as always. Your use of yellow is great, especially next to the purple skintone.


Well done! A warbeast done in these colors would look fascinating.


My 2 yen,



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That's also some really excellent metal work.


I've worked my butt off to 'hear' someone say that. Thank you. :)


@Da Matt - in my game I'm using 5 (death, war, conquest, pestilence, and famine).


@Akiosama - I don't play the PP tabletop wargames, this guy was 50% off at a LGS so I picked him up b/c he's a great sculpt...just VERY challenging IMO.

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