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Xiu Fang, Femme Fatale (Two Versions)

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I was in love with this mini the first time I saw so I ordered two and painted them both at once. One in red and one in green.


There's just something about this Patrick Keith sculpt, it's classic. The gun, the pose, the shoes and the line she cuts. I just liked everything about this mini. I couldn't tell exactly what was going on in her headdress so I painted it as part flowers part ivory or gold or whatever you wish.


Lots of fun on these two, the base is all just painted on, it's flat. I kept it (too) simple as I was running out of time to finish and had no ideas for a modern style base as it's not my standard genre and I drew a blank with the time I had to come up with something. In retrospect it's fine I think as the base isn't really the showcase here of these pieces anyhow.

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That is super awesome! Slgihtly discouraging, though, as I'm working on the same figure right now and I know I won't even come close to that. At the same time, I was getting a little bummed with the way my figure was going and now I'm both inspired and challenged! Thanks for posting!


Oh, and brain picking time: When you did the tights, what kind of approach did you take? Did you start light and work dark, or vice-versa?

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Hey guys, haha thanks for the comments, I had a kick reading them and I'm really glad you all took the time out to comment! I really appreciate it :blush:


@Ironhammer, regarding the tights I typically will paint the flesh first as normal then glaze/overpaint the "sheer" effect using tons of ultra thin washes in various tones of brown and black until I get the desired level of coverage and smoothness. It takes time for sure but it pays off in the end if you're patient enough to see it through. I sometimes paint the area black first then highlight it using fleshtones and then glaze, same end result just a different approach thanks for asking.

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Jump back Honkie Cat!


Okay, okay when is Reaper going to hire you as a staff painter? Hmm? When I say, when? Hmm?


These are knock outs Sean! Love the dresses on both, but my favorite parts are the black hair (my eyes are drawn to that Prell shine) and her revolver(it would be cool to add a little smoke trail drifting out of the barrel(s) )...



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