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Creating an oil-slick or pearl effect?


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Hi all.

I'm trying to figure out a way to paint Dark Eldar armor that has a pearlized or oil-slick sheen to it. My ultimate end result is to have Dark Eldar models in armor that shifts color, like man sports cars' paintjobs have these days.

Is such an effect achievable on a mini scale without enamels and lacquers?

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Hey Dane!

There is also some paints made by Golden Paints called "interference".

I've used them, and they look pretty cool.

What you do is paint your mini normally with whatever colours you're using.

Then you apply whichever interference colour you choose.

(that stuff is very transparent)

The effect that happens is you can see your original paint colour.

But depending on how you move the mini in the light, you will see the "shine" of the interference colour.

Don't use a matte sealer though. It totally kills the effect.




The samples on the site don't show the best results of the paint.

I will add a pic of one of my minis that I used it on later.

My computer-foo sucks and can't figure how to add it.

Gotta wait for hubby to get home so he can help me. ::P:

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If you're not totally antithetical to spray paints, Duplicolor makes an interference color spray set. Might be just the thing for spraying an army and then going back in to reprime other areas with paint on primer.


And a lot cheaper than the $32 an ounce real interference auto paint goes for... That's what my father-in-law paid for his race car's paint: http://www.1962to1965mopar.ornocar.com/mmo1099.html

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Thanks folks.

Has anyone used Liquitex Iridescence Medium?

I wasn't sure in the interference paint, as the Golden website samples don't look like the effect I was after. Essentially, I wanted the armor to end up a high-gloss black that looked liek it had been made from some exotic insect carapace.

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Laszlo, that is a sweet looking Mopar!


Yeah, it was awesome! He had a local airbrusher do all the lighting bolts, even inside the engine compartment and up the metal dashboard.


He also has a model of the same car the body shop guy shot with the same paint. I detailed it with freehand lighting bolts and metal-foil chrome work. However, I can't find any pics of it to save my life... ::(:

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