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02890, Wereshark Karkarius


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Hi, Here is a recent work, part of my still enrolling army.

It was really nice painting this model form Jason Wiebe.

I wanted my Wereshark to look like Razig’s mercenary Karkarius.


So the octopus had to be removed from the hand of the original model.

And, be replaced by a more convincing weapon…

The anchor and a chain were taken from a Razig Weapons Pack.


A tiger shark picture inspired me for the skin pattern.

The idea for the base was borrow from my previous attempt at sculpting waves.

Different tomes of blue, greens and yellow were used to color the water.


I hope you’ll like it.

















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Nice job! Love the anchor in his hand and the base. I like the pattern, though the black stripes look kinda flat to me. The rest of him is shaded and highlighted well, and then the stripes look...well...painted on, without much depth.

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I agree with Jen. I like the stripes, but some highlights would help to give them more depth.


I really like the base, can you tell us a little about how you did that? I'm about ready to just sit down and work on scupting and painting up some bases to practice and prep for some minis. ;) I'm just so intrigued by them for some reason.

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I will try to fix the strips pattern by adding a light grey/green highlight.


For the waves I folded some green stuff strips and applied them to the base.

A simple craft knife and some water were used to sculpt but a ball point stick would have helped.

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This is a great looking piece of work from top to bottom. Custom basing is something I'd love to get into. I think you could have used a little more shading between his muscle grooves and the highest lit points of his muscles but that's mostly just nitpicking a great piece. As for the stripes, I definitely agree that some gentle highlighting on them would improve the piece! Please keep more of these coming!!!

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