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...for my friends who play Warmachine, GW games, historicals, and D&D. Everyone loves the minis, but most did before. Feedback was mixed. Some observations shared by all:


Need more incentive to charge

Command Range


Those were the universal observations.


On mutual death I got mixed reviews, though most were negative.


In some of the second or third games, we played with a +1 to hit for those who engaged that turn and used command radius calculated based on the max unit size for a leader.

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Hi Ranzadule,


It was great reading your post though you were a little vague about some of the comments.


We now have 11 members of our game club playing Warlord after some of us "discovered it" at last year's GenCon. The popularity of the game seems to be coming from:


The variety of factions with fantastic models - there are over twenty armies to choose from

The skirmish level force - not too many models to paint up to play

The flexibility of your troop choices - not limited to a leader and once figure choice per troop

The balance of the factions and system compared to most other games - we've been pretty even on who wins the game between equal level players


I'm not sure what your "incentive to charge" means. Isn't the incentive that, if you are a melee figure, you want to engage the enemy? Also, many of the abilities only work if you are the agressor so you want to charge rather than being charged (unless you have an ability that works against the charge). Perhaps if people are concerned about charging, you might want to steer them to army and figure choices that have abilities that give them an advantage when they charge.


The command radius idea is interesting but I'm not sure it is necessary. The great thing about a troop game without cohesion rules is that the slow guys don't have to worry about the fast guys in the group and that you can send your archers up on the ridge while your fighters rush in. If your leader is a shooter or a spell caster, I don't think that a rule for command range would work unless it was reflected in the point cost.


My group generally likes the "mutual death" concept as it lets everyone roll the dice during each melee instead of the Warhammer approach where you have to pray that you survive the attack so that you can fight back. I guess neither way is right but a matter of taste.


Overall, I hope that this was a positive experience for you and your group. Regardless of what house rules you add, I hope you have great time with Warlord in the future.

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Charge bonuses, command radius, and defensive strikes were all discussed at length by the design team during the developement of WL2. All are the way they are based off of conscious choice. It was felt that, with the number of SAs that only work on the offensive, the advantage of dictating terms of engagements, the easier generation of Support bonuses, and the additional movement bonus, no additional benefits needed to be included. Command radius was discarded on the criteria that a) Warlord is a skirmish game where command radius was not particiluarly important, and b) at the size of the game board, a model is rarely more than 50 scale yards from another in its troop. Your opinion may differ as to whether or not you feel it is important, but one of the design team's primary goals was making the game faster, something it had lost in the revisions starting with rev1.2. Which leads us to defensive strikes, and why they were expanded in WL2 to act like the old Warmaster ability. Giving everyone all their defensive strikes every activation means that models die faster, moving the pace of the game along.


YMMV, of course. Glad to hear that you are playing again, Ranz.



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the advantage of dictating terms of engagements, the easier generation of Support bonuses


These are the two big ones for me. I always try to be the one who initiates combat. Timing which units activate when, to ensure this happens, is part of the tactical game play to me.

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Charging is all about controlling the flow of battle. If I charge, I can dictate who can swing at whom next turn. I can gang up on specific models, or ignore them. I can even choose NOT to attack in order to cancel the enemy SAs. I have lots of reasons to charge.

I really dislike command radius stuff, so I'm happy Warlord doesn't do it. Just my opinion. It's skirmish. My guys can run all over the place by themselves. It gives even the smallest of models a chance to be a hero.

Mutual death rules! I love it. No one is immune in Warlord.

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