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02888: Trathus Varr, Wizard


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So, I'm working on this guy now. Has anybody painted him? Any idea what the rough area on his left arm, just above the wrist, is? Torn sleeve with something underneath? Flame he's about to hurl at somebody?

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    • By Daewen98
      Hey everyone,

      Just last night, I came home from work and started looking for my pewter miniatures that I have been slowly gathering over the past year or so, gone! All my pewter figurines were given away by my Mom who thought they were items to be donated, when infact I had them all set to take to a friends house to be painted once I got the call from my friends to come over.
      A total of at least 10-11 miniatures, almost all that I found on eBay auctions and won. Couple of them were early 90s and the rest of them were more recent. I was extremely proud of my finds since some of them were hard to find, rare or a real fight to win in auction. All the items were unpainted and in mint condition thanks to the sellers taking great care. All of the miniatures were waiting to painted or in the process of being prepared to be painted or actually in the beginning of it.
      What was given away
      Three full sets of paintbrushes (Cheaper ones but still really nice, two of which still unused) Bombshell Mini 32mm Fa'o - Cat Huntress (Just started painting her) Dark Sword DSM-7622 Stephanie Law Masterworks Muse Polyhymnia Mythic Female (Was looking for a professional to work on her, she was too pretty for me, a beginner, to attempt) Grenadier 3x Female Warriors Sabertooth Great Cat Riders (Could not paint yet, they were early 80s (I think) and lead.) Lance & Laser 25mm 28mm Dungeons & Dragons Anthropomorphic Cat Ranger Archer (Unpainted) Reaper Gwyneth Roanmane 1998 (Primed but unpainted) Reaper Raindancer Pegasus (Mint condition, wings needed to be attached and primed) A custom Tibbit character from HeroForge (just realized I had it with the others) A gryphon (plastic, trimmed of flash and prepped for painting)  
      Another thing that I realized that was in the bag, a custom necklace I made for. A lovely hematite necklace with amethyst and a wolfhead pendant.
      Has this ever happened to you? What did you do? Can anyone help me?
      Good news so far:
      The wolf head necklace has been found by the donation company.
      Bad news:
      No miniatures were found so far and they made it very clear that there is a very strong chance that the miniatures have been disposed of as being seen as no resale value by them.
      They'll look some more tomorrow for them so please send me good thoughts, prayers or any means of swaying the forces that be so that all the items are found tomorrow! Thank you all for chatting and giving me advice on how to handle this, where to look for new miniatures and stories of your own or someone you know who went through something like this.
      UPDATE part 2!
      Good News!
      11 of the 13 miniatures have been found!
      Miniatures have been found! Miniatures have been found but sadly my Reaper Gwyneth Roanmane 1998 has been damaged, the arm holding the staff has been broken off and lost.
      The parts to two other miniatures that were not attached were not found so must be replaced but it can be done and I can use the old ones to practice with or have as spar parts for future projects.
      My paint brushes and paint have been found as well so I'm happy that almost everything has been found so far.

    • By Pingo
      So I've been given some hard plastic models, styrene, I think. They come in grey hard plastic and mostly on rectangular sprues anyway.
      One is Malifaux's "Whiskey Golem" (or, as my husband said, a wooden steampunk robot), one is Perry Miniatures "Medieval Cottage 1300-1700," and one is a set of Pegasus Hobbies "Gothic City Building Small Set #1."
      The Gothic Building set snaps together but the makers recommend glue for some delicate parts. The other two must be glued.
      Can I ask what glues people recommend for this sort of model? I gather there is some sort of special plastic solvent glue for plastic models, but I haven't really played around with it. My children used superglue on their Games Workshop plastic armies because, apart from that one incident of setting the cotton opera glove on fire, they could safely use it.
      What I have at the moment are several types of superglue and epoxy.
      Looking at the cottage, I am concerned about whether the model will hold together. It's basically just flat walls glued together at the edges. The structural engineer in me itches to put interior corner reinforcement and braces inside. Is this overkill? Will the proper glue help its integrity?
      I also note that two of the kits contain nothing in the way of assembly diagrams or instuctions. Should I take this as a given in hard plastic models and treat them as a sort of IQ test?
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