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Who ran the paint table? It looks like everyone loved it.


Reaper ran the Paint and Take. They put me nominally in charge, which is to say everyone had input and responsibility, but I got to be the one fingers were pointed at.


It was an awesome experience, much larger than any other show we've done. My rough calculations put us at about 2200 people over the three days. We made a few changes between Friday and Saturday that smoothed out some bumps and have a list of ideas to try for next time. And at this point there looks like there will be a next time. ^_^

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The paint and take was the most busy I have ever seen at a Con. There was some empty table space from about 10:00 AM when the hall opened, until about 10:35 AM when enough people got in and over to fill the tables. From then until around 10:00 PM the tables were full. Even later, there were a lot of people at the tables, there just wasn't a line 10-20 deep waiting for a space to paint. The awesome part was that most of the participants were adults. A lot in that 18- early 30 range. There were a few children, most that were there, were with parents. It never had the feel of "free baby sitting" that I have seen at other PnT. And the PnT did its job. I personally had quite a few people come directly from the PnT over to our booth and drop healthy $$$ on paints, minis and brushes because they were hooked. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the folks joining up here.


We were busy in the booth too, which was cool. Especially when you consider that PAX is primarily a video game con. It was nice to see some overlap and love for video game's analog cousin.

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