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Ogre Slavelord


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Here is a converted Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms Slavelord that I completed a year ago.

I started up with a GW Ogre Bull and added some bits, green stuff and chains.

The huge cleaver, the leather mask and the skull artefact are some of the features I crafted.

I wanted the base to look like the orange sand from an Australian desert.


The Slavelord has always been an inspiring character to me.

Known to the Chaos Dwarves as Ghrask Dragh, literally ‘corpse-slaver’.

The Slavelord are infamous to enslave their prey in death as well as life with a Soul-Binder chains.

Much more then a Butcher, it represents the most fearsome Ogre.

















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Very cool, excellent savagry depicted here. The blood looks a bit too bright red to me but it may be my screen or the photos. Great rust effect on the cleaver though! The ribs and severed hand hanging from his back are a great touch!

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I like what you've done. I agree that the blood could darken up a bit, and the ribs too. I have a little time resolving the dark blue-grey shadows of the muscles/skin against the warmer fleshy tones of the skin but given his supernatural vibe that you described I could suspend some of that.

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