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Reaper Con Class Schedule

Reaper Ron

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Loim, no need to be nervous. ReaperCon is great and everyone is so friendly. You will love it!


To everyone who missed out on the classes you wanted: I was there about 15-30 mins early last year a few days, and I was able to get all the classes I wanted. There were a few classes that didn't fill; I did a speed painting class with one other person. It was great.


Now to figure out a way to pass the next five weeks. Hmmm.....

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Most of the people who's work I really admire will be there, so it's a bit like hanging out talking music with The Beatles.


In regards to the classes, do we pick up the tickets for them at registration?

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You can get tickets for classes the day of the specific class. Just show up to the Con a bit early, and they are first come first served at the registration desk. They only have 2 tickets for each class though, so the earlier the better.

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ok, so who is in class with me?


Thursday - Color theory, Sculpting: Putty Basics and Sculpting:Anatomy and Armatures

Friday - open for possible Warlord games

Saturday - Weathering, Black and White, How Not to Suck

Sunday - Painting: Adding & Changing Details


My mind might be blown by the end but I will die a very happy man!


I can't wait to meet everyone in person.


You sir, are a machine. I signed up for 5 classes, figuring that I would either pick one or two more when I was

there, or burn out and wander around in a zombie-like state. :)


That said, I also signed up for Anatomy/Armatures on Thursday and for Weathering on Saturday. See you there!

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