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New Releases for 04-09-12

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Thanks to everyone we saw at PAX East! I know the line for the Paint and Take was long at times, but it seemed like everyone had a good time.


<center><img src="http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/61199.jpg" /></center>


The big news of the week is the formal release of <a href="http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/heavy%20gear/sku-down/61199" title="Reaper Miniatures :: OnlineStore">Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz Paint Set</a>. We've been working closely with the gang at DP9 to formulate a special range of colors for Heavy Gear Blitz, but that doesn't mean that you can use them for your other projects as well. Featuring a mix of MSP Core and HD formulations, this is a great starter set.


And of course we have figures, too. Check it out:


<strong>Dark Heaven Legends</strong>

<a href="/graphics/gallery/4/03609_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='03609: Hell Hound by Ben Siens'>03609: Hell Hound by Ben Siens ($8.49)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/03610_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='03610: Achilles, Mythical Hero by Matt Gubser'>03610: Achilles, Mythical Hero by Matt Gubser ($9.79)</a><br>


<strong>Savage Worlds</strong>

<a href="/graphics/gallery/4/59021_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='59021: Bone Fiend by Julie Guthrie'>59021: Bone Fiend by Julie Guthrie ($6.99)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/59025_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='59025: Female Huckster by Bob Ridolfi'>59025: Female Huckster by Bob Ridolfi ($5.99)</a><br>



<a href="/graphics/gallery/4/60106_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='60106: Pathfinder Explorer by Gene Van Horne'>60106: Pathfinder Explorer by Gene Van Horne ($7.29)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/60109_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='60109: Styrian Kindler by Gene Van Horne'>60109: Styrian Kindler by Gene Van Horne ($6.79)</a><br>


<strong>Master Series Paints</strong>

<a href="/graphics/gallery/4/61199.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='61199: Heavy Gear Blitz Master Series Paint Set'>61199: Heavy Gear Blitz Master Series Paint Set by ($119.99)</a><br>


<strong>P-65 Heavy Metal</strong>

<a href="/graphics/gallery/4/65143_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='65143: Griffon by Sandra Garrity'>65143: Griffon by Sandra Garrity ($18.49)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/65144_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='65144: Silver Dragon by Sandra Garrity'>65144: Silver Dragon by Sandra Garrity ($24.49)</a><br>


<a href="http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/" title="Reaper Miniatures :: OnlineStore">They're all in the online store.</a>

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