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3547 Juliette, Female Wizard

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Here are the latest ones from the "See John actually paint some minis this year" album. The blue needed a lot of smoothing, and the freehand is rough, but I feel like I'm still inching forward. One or two more and I think I'll be back in form. Sorry if the stereoscopic image gets you a headache, hopefully it'll not make your eyes bleed too badly :D.









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Wow! Love the stereoscpoic images. Can you give us a tutorial on how to do that?


Love the figure too. The blue is incrediably vibrant. I especially like the potion bottles. The only nit I have is that her chest is a bit lacking in deffinition, though that could be the light colors getting washed out a bit in the photo.


Beautiful job,



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Thanks for the comments guys! I still need to tweak some settings on the ol' camera phone to see if I can get the balance a bit better for the whites.


Someone on CMON had made a stereoscopic image for a space marine of theres maybe a year or two ago that I saw. All I use as a "tripod" for my shooting is a bag of rice to steady my phone, and while I was lining up the shot I got the idea to try to take a picture. I looked online for "macro stereoscopic" and ran across a blog with all sorts of depth calculations, things to watch for, etc., and promptly proceeded to not read any of it. I did see that for the two photos you should line up the subject to be at the far right of the frame, and then move the camera parallel to the shot to frame the subject in the far left of the frame. Then all I had to do was combine the two images in GIMP, get a large white circle, hover over the right-side image when crossing my eyes for the first dot, and then hover over the left to place the second helper dot.

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