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ReaperCon2102Grid.pdf It's not Pretty yet - but it is functional.


I will point out that any slot marked TBD (To Be Determined) currently means that we have a table with up to 8 seats open for use. I now officially offer the "TBD" tables on a first requested first given basis to anybody that will run a game - This includes any RPG, Board game that be run in the allotted time (Settlers, Powerboats, etc.), card game (Magic, Ascension, etc.) or other activity for which you are seeking a place and a group.


NOTE also that the Friday AM slot on table 4 is not TBD - I have it reserved I just don't know the title of the event yet.


If you post IN THIS THREAD before I get to work (9am Central time) on TUESDAY MAY 8th and are approved, I will reserve the slot for your event. Approval, for the record, means that I believe the game to fit our format (family friendly) and to run in the alloted time (No AXIS & ALLIES, frex.).


Have Fun!!

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Ok now I'm excited. I wish the next two weeks would just fly by. Its time for some gaming!


I wish I had two more weeks to prepare...




You know, I kinda wish I had that as well, ha ha. Told myself i would be done by the first of May...I mean everything & all I'd have to do is ship a box & pack.......UHHHHHH NOPE!!!! ha ha

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If the 3pm-7pm slot for Friday on Table 4 is available I'll take it. I sent a message with name (Bloodshed on Dragonspine Sea) and description for the Friday AM slot mentioned above. The 3pm-7pm slot would be for the same game.




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Table Top only? Bryan if you want I can run, Master of the Fallen Fortress again since it's already put together.




As of now all openings are Thursday, in the tabletop gaming area. Those tables will be open gaming or "camping" for those time slots, first come first serve.

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