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A celebration of my own-and YOU'RE invited!


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I've had the pleasure of getting to know many of you over the years I've been on the message boards and attending conventions at which Reaper has a presence and I have some happy news to share with all of you. On Friday, May 25th, in a private ceremony in the north woods, I will be getting married. Because I would like to share my new found happiness with my friends and the Reaper family, my fiancee and I will be attending Reapercon to begin the celebrations. On Friday, May 18th, we will be bringing a cake to the Best Western-Lake Dallas (where we'll be staying) to share with any of you who are so inclined to join us. We don't plan on kicking things off until the majority of events at Reaper are finished (don't want to steal you all from the con or take you away from the excellent things Reaper is putting on) so I'm thinking we'll get started around 8:00. If the hotel lets us, we'll be in the breakfast room-if not, we'll be in our hotel room. So, if you're so inclined, stop by, have a piece of cake, and help us celebrate our impending wedding. It's not every day two gamers find each other and can plan their wedding so close to the best con around!

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