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Race Rules

Ghost Rider

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Cross posted from the BL forum


I could also use a good name for it too if anyone can think of one I may be persuaded to send you something in return


These are pretty straight forward. Critiques and suggestions are welcome.


Race rules-

vehicles classes -

Airplane Races

any CAV combat aircraft.


Land races

any CAV land based combat vehicles. These vehicles will be divided into classes based on weights and movement type (tracked, wheeled, hover)


Air Races

Typical races are 5 laps, qualifying heats are 3 laps. First surviving aircraft to cross the start/finish line will be declared the winner. In the event no aircraft are able to make it to the start/finish line the one with the highest number of laps will be declared the winner, in the event of a tie with number of laps the plane closest to the start/finish line will be declared the winner.


All aircraft must maintain forward movement. If an aircraft hovers or goes the wrong direction on the track, they will draw fire from the tracks automated gun turrets.


All aircraft will be restricted to nap of earth flight only, no hybrid flight will be allowed.



All modifications will be allowed pending approval of the race officials.

Weapons will be limited to the front firing arc only, no exceptions.




Heavy - aircraft with 3 or more damage tracks


Medium - aircraft with 2 damage tracks


Light - aircraft with less than 2 damage tracks

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This sounds a lot like the FVR racing that we discussed in the FVR speedmaster tournament thread. Since reaper has already given us some fiction about that, I say use that name.


BTW, part of the purpose of the original thread was to see if we could con (no pun intended) someone into running it at Origins. Any takers?

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Hmm this really interests me cos I like racing games (big Forumla De fan). I am not sure how many racers you will have per race etc but I would be concerned that damage might mount up to quickly resulting in few people getting close to finishing the race. if 4 players whoever goes last may well find they are dead before they have a turn.


Possible options


1. Remove all the Targeting Comps from the units so you can't get a target lock thus harder to do damage.


2. Only allow 1 weapon to be fired per turn.


3. Allow a "Pit Lane" where units reapir more easily.


4. Possibly make everyone make a supression roll as they go round the corners, if failed either restrick movement or they are unable to shoot for that round as they concentrate on getting round the bend.


5. Does the centre area block Line of Sight ? If so can you IF over it ? If you can then you need to allow target locks, although I would only allow it for IF not fordirect fire as well (see 1)



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That's why I did the most number of laps is the winner. I was looking to run anywhere from 4-8 players at a time. This will obviously use the initiative cards so that will shake up the order a little bit.


I like the ideas you brought up.

I will most likely incorporate them into the rules a little later today.


The center island does block line of sight and I thought that I put in do IDF weapons but after re-reading it, It looks like I forgot to.

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