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FOPCON 4 paint and take


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I just wanted to post some pictures of FOPCON 4's paint and take. FOPCON is a small local con but it is exceptionally well organized and has the feel of a much larger con. That is one reason that I keep coming back to run a Reaper paint and take event for them. This year was the best yet and it was made that much better because I got to see just how good the new Reaper Bones product really is.

I know that I could have posted this in the Bones post but I didn't want it to get lost.

The one thing i kept hearing throughout the whole thing was just how amazing the new bones line really is. Attendees could not believe the detail and the amazing way that the product took paint without any primer. When asked what prep I made, I replied "I just washed them with dish water."

Below are some pictures of the event. There were several times that the table was jam packed but people still came just to check out Them Bones!






The first customers:





The main event:











I know I probably posed to many picks but I just had such a grat time that I wanted to share...

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Your paint and take setup was fantastic! Thank you again for doing it. I had a hard time finding a spot at the table to sit down, most of the day. Having the new Bones figures there was a great idea! The buzz about them around the con was great. I just purchased a load of them recently and they are phenominal. I'm hoping the positive reaction to them leads to additional sculpts being released. Also,discussing painting techniques with you was a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing you again a other cons and/or FOPCON 5!!!

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Thanks for the great review of the event. It's great to get public feedback and possitive feedback is all the better. I personally think that The crowd at FOPCON was awsome and they couldn't have given more praise about the Bones! I'm doing about 5 cons a year at this point but FOPCON is definitely a gem of a con.

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