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2012 Reaper League Fantasy Football


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Looks like all but one are in. I'll get in touch with parvusmachina and fill him in on the league rules and such and see if he's still interested. If he doesn't want in after finding out the screwy way that we do things, Qwyky thinks that his brother might be persuaded to join in the festivities.

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2012 Cost of players with more than one year of keeper status:

*These are based on the players that were kept last draft that are still on your roster with 1 pt. added to their cost, adjustments have been made for last year’s traded QB’s.



1 No Owner – Homeless Hoboes

Peyton Manning, Den QB 5

Michael Turner, Atl RB 5


2 Colorado Stouts - Heisler (+3 pts)

Jeremy Maclin, Phi WR 2

Steelers, Pit D/ST 2


3 Fabulous Freebirds – Travis

Jamaal Charles, KC RB 3

Mark Sanchez, NYJ QB 3

Greg Jennings, GB WR 4


4 Mystery Men –RupertOldcorn (+1 pt)

Tom Brady, NE QB 2

Roddy White, Atl RB 3


5 Looter – Pillagers Plunderers

Mike Vick, Atl QB 2

Ray Rice, Bal RB 3

Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG RB 2

Andre Johnson, HOU WR 2

Rashard Mendenhal, Pit RB 2

Dez Bryant, Dal WR 2


6 Midvale School for the Gifted –Qwyksilver

Drew Brees, NO QB 2

BenJarvus Green Ellis, Cin RB 2

Mike Wallace, Pit WR 2

Mike Williams, TB WR 2

Jermichael Finley, GB TE 2

Felix Jones, Dal RB 2


7 Reading Renegades – Bish80

DeAngelo Williams, Car RB 5

Tony Gonzalez, Atl TE 2

Ravens, Bal D/ST 2

Steve Smith, Car WR 2

Adam Vinitari, Ind K 2


8 Winsor Blood– Leech (+1 pt)

Ben Rothlisberger, Pit QB 3

Wes Welker, NE, WR 2

Chris Johnson, Ten RB 4


9 Haldir’s Hellions – Haldir

LeSean McCoy, Phi RB 2


10 Groo and the Wanderers – styates

Matt Ryan, Atl QB 2

Adrian Peterson, Min RB 4

Arian Foster, Hou RB 2

Darren McFadden, Oak RB 2

Dwayne Bowe, KC WR 2

Vincent Jackson, SD WR 2

DeSean Jackson, Phi WR 2


11 Humansquish (+1 pt)- Ritterlich Tigers

Hakeem Nicks, NYG WR 2

Maurice Jones-Drew, Jac RB 2

Mario Manningham, SF WR 2


12 Blistermix Team Venture– Brian Cate

Aaron Rodgers, GB QB 4

Frank Gore, SF RB 3

Brandon Marshall, Chi WR 4

Lions, Det D/ST 2

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On another note, we need to figure out a date for the draft. I've extended an invitation to parvusmachina to replace WizardOne and I'll let you guys know when I hear back from him. If he's not interested, I'll move on to Pole and I think someone mentioned a friend or brother who might be interested if that falls through.


I know it's early, but does anybody have any idea on what Saturdays/Sundays work for them in late August/Early September? I would think that the weekends of August 25-26 or September 1-2 would be best. The first official game is on September 5.

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My brother was the one interested in playing.


I'm pretty sure I had more keepers on my team from the previous years.


I am free the weekends of Aug 18-19 and Sept 1-2.

I have to work Aug 25-26 but can still do a draft if we start early enough. I'd need to leave by 2pm est.

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I'll take another look, Qwyk, but that's all that I saw when I compared last year's keepers to what's on your team now. Maybe I missed something. Honestly, I was surprised by the few number of left over keepers all around, but then again last season was HUGE for injuries to key players.

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Colston was "added" last year so his points have been reset for me. I dropped him but he was my 1st round pick in the draft last year.


If anything LeSean McCoy should have some points as I've had him at least 2 years now. (thou I do believe he was a "new" pick up as well, even thou I think I've had him his entire career.)


Draft day.


Any day is fine by me. I usually get out of work by 1 pm MST (or 3 EST) but I'm taking vacation in August the week of 19th.

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Here was my keepers from last season and carry leftover points. I think you're looking at the wrong year.


Final Keepers


Points carried from last season: 5

Points for this season: 8

Total points to spend: 13


3 - Drew Brees, NO QB (traded for Tom Brady(4) -1)

2 - Packer D/ST

1 - BenJarvus Green Ellis, NE RB

1 - Mike Wallace, Pit WR

1 - Mike Williams, TB WR

1 - Jermichael Finley, GB TE

1 - Felix Jones, Dal RB


Total spent: 10

Points remaining for next season: 3


I haven't decided who I will keep. When will our cut day happen so we can plan our draft boards?

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