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2012 Reaper League Fantasy Football


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Well, I guess since we know that the draft is on the 2nd, let's make the Keeper announcement date the 22nd of August. That's a week and a half before the draft and will give me time to adjust keepers on everybody's Draft List. Of course, if something happens before the draft keepers won't be set in stone, but let me know and I will adjust draft lists accordingly.

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Good deal, Pole. Thanks for sharing.


Also, I'm going to get the ball rolling on Keeper anouncements. I'll keep a complete list of keepers and values (please list values and left over points when you post) on the first post of the thread so that we won't have to search next year.


2012 Keepers - Groo and the Wanderers (styates)

Matt Ryan, QB ATL (2)

Arian Foster, RB HOU (2)

Darren McFadden, RB OAK (2)

Jordy Nelson, WR GB (1)

Jonathan Baldwin, WR KC (1)

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Not sure of my points but I drafted most of these guys in last year's draft or picked them up during the season:


Marques Colston WR NO

Victor Cruz WR NYG

Mark Engram RB NO

Eric Decker WR DEN (hmmm odd I did keep him, we'll see how him & Peyton mesh this year........)

Jake Locker QB TEN (please be the starter, please be the starter.....)


The only player I have that I know is more then 1 or 2 pts:

LeSean McCoy RB PHI

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10pm UK time on the 2nd would be great for me, the better half will be in bed for work so I can stay up as long as needed.


As for keepers, I'm keeping the following:


Big Ben

Wes Welker

Rob Gronkowski

Calvin Johnson

Darren Sproles


Want me to drop the rest?

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That might be a little late for some of the other guys in the GMT zone but I'll have to see what works out. No need to drop players. Because of our goofy system (which I like better than the one that they use for keepers) all rosters will have to be dumped and I'll have to do my usual draft list massage to move everone out of the best available player zone as usual.

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