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2012 Reaper League Fantasy Football


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10pm UK time on the 2nd would be great for me, the better half will be in bed for work so I can stay up as long as needed.


As for keepers, I'm keeping the following:


Big Ben

Wes Welker

Rob Gronkowski

Calvin Johnson

Darren Sproles


Want me to drop the rest?


And how many points is that?

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Draft is set for SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 @ 2:00 PM EDT. You should be receiving an email from ESPN concerning this. Disregard that the message says "Snake" draft. It's the only available option and I have already traded picks between teams so that we have a true NFL style draft worst to first every round.

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1. Murphy's Law (Pole)

2. Colorado Stouts (Heisler)

3. Fabulous Freebirds (Travis)

4. Mystery Men (RupertOldcorn)

5. Pillagers Plunderers (Looter)

6. Midvale School for the Gifted (Qwyksilver)

7. Reading Renegades (Bish80)

8. Windsor Blood (Leech)

9. Haldir's Hellions (Haldir)

10. Groo and the Wanderers (styates)

11. Ritterlich Tigers (Humansquish)

12. Blistermix Team Venture (Brian)

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Is this keeper list accurate for Blistermix?


12 Blistermix Team Venture– Brian Cate

Aaron Rodgers, GB QB 4

Frank Gore, SF RB 3

Brandon Marshall, Chi WR 4

Lions, Det D/ST 2


He says he only has enough points to bank Rodgers, but he's not sure. I'll send him this list if it's accurate.




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