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mudhead, I haven't painted the wings yet! Hahaha! And that's a good point about the belly button. I never thought of that! That's the way it's sculpted, though, so I'll just go with it.


Anyway, I didn't really like his face, so I took y hobby knife to it for a little "cosmetic surgery", cleaned it up with brush-on primer, and some more paint, and voila!




Better, yes?

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Nicely done thus far! Love the red of the breastplate.


I've got waaay too many angels sitting in my queue right now...all those feathers! Your wings are looking lovely, though. Nice and simple backdrop for those reds and blues.

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He look very nice, all the colors are very smooth, that gives him a soft feel. Perfect for an angel character.

Is there a red stain under his right arm, on the white epaulet?


Hmm..yes, I think you're right. I'll have to fix that, thanks!

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Yaay, your back to it! He's looking great, Joy. I love the way the wings are turning out. The red is fantastic and very smooth.


I do have one nit for you: I think you could use an intermediary glaze or two in the blue sash, especially in the folds on his back and in front over the arm; it appears a bit abrupt in a few areas.


Take care,



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