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Heyo! I wanted to paint a Terezinya again to do both a "Monkey from 2005 and today!" and to play around with doing freehand designs before laying color down. While the glazing was fun going from blue to purple down the cape, I will probably do all the freehand as I go while shading/highlighting for the next time I go that nuts.


The first Terezinya was one I painted as one of my first minis sold on eBay, so while I needed another good 20 hours into this version to make her good I still think I've come a bit of a way from then. Lemme know what you think!













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Why did you post each of the pics of the new version twice? And I'm not talking about the stereoscopic effect. I'm just wondering if there's a new new way that I'm supposed to be crossing my eyes to view all of these pics. :-p


And how I mine for fish?

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