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ReaperCon 2012 Schedule available

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<center><img src="/misc/rcon2012/reapercon_title.png" width="447" height="95" alt="Reapercon Title" /></center>


Hey, everybody! We have our final event schedule ready for ReaperCon 2012. PDF format so you can figure out how to spend your down time between classes.


<a href="/misc/rcon2012/ReaperCon2102Grid.pdf">Click here to download it.</a>


While you're here, don't forget to wear your pirate costume! Prizes will be awarded.


We're also going to have sneak peeks available at the show, including the new resin Kraken model, an all new pirates boxed set, and the first miniature in our RAX limited edition resin miniature line.


Just one week to go!

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