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2010 Convention Sophie, aka Pinup Sophie

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I know, I know, another figure finished, and in less than a week before the previous one? You'd think I was getting in fighting shape to teach the bajeezus outta people at a convention in a week's time or something. :D


This is the Convention Sophie from 2010 aka Pinup Sophie. I've painted her in the usual Sophie colors, though I did make her a blonde instead of a brunette. The pictures washed the wings out a bit, but they picked up the skin very well, so I figure it's a good trade.


This is the first mini back from my hiatus that I feel really comfortable with, and that makes me think I'm back to where I was before the long break. She's not perfect by any stretch, though, so feel free to launch all comments and criticisms my way. If I can keep up the pace, maybe in a bit I might feel comfortable enough to enter one of these painting competitions I keep hearing so much about :D.
















P.S. Look Phil! Only one of each picture!

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