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Reaper Spiders


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Hey all.


I'm new to these boards. Been wargaming since mage knight and got into the craft part of it about a year ago. I play GW LOTR SBG, but my friend and i have started buying Reaper minis to make our own characters. (I also started using Reaper paints after i got tired of GW's paints)


I have a few questions about some of the monsters that Reaper makes.


1) I've wanted to get some spiders. Hows the scale compared to that of GW? The giant spiders seem like a match to theirs.


2) Are there any Reaper Dragons or Trolls that fit the scale?


Thanks for answering to those who do.


Oh, Any Oregon gamers on here? Seems like this state lacks in the gamers. :(



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try the eastern side of the state, barren just like the landscape.. :down:


Ontario here.


1) Not sure what size GW are but Reaper does makes spiders in all shapes & sizes


2) Same with the dragons & trolls (at least I think the trolls are). Again no up to GW sizes these days but pretty sure there are figs that will fit right in with GW.



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Ummm not much actually. Shockingly we just get by doing whatever we do, ha ha.


Yah the LOTR line is a tad bit smaller then regular GW minis.


Well if you take this fig for example:




There are those little points on the side? Those are measured at .5 inch increments.


Here is the sticky regarding the "Bryangles" as they are called.



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See this also: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2720-warlord-and-dark-heaven-model-scales/


Our Warlord models are the same size as any of our other brands' models. There are exceptions, of course, in all of our lines. That said, our minis play well with most other manufacturer's minis. Although Haldir is right...the GW LOTR minis are actually smaller than GW's other models.

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GW's LOTR minis are 24mm scale. They are slightly smaller because that was a condition in the contract between GW and the LOTR ip owner. Any larger models, such as Giant Spiders, Trolls, and Dragons from Reaper should work well. I would avoid using smaller humanoids minis as they will be a bit taller and may look out of scale.


Actually with the monsters being a larger scale, it can make for a more epic feel to the battle.

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