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Clear nail-polish for slime effect?

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Hello everyone! This is my first post here, so I figured I'd open things up with asking for some advice.


A while ago I sculpted a blob monster out of some... honestly really bad clay. It was some kind of volcanic ash mixture that was very crumbly, and felt like thick, mashed up papier mache, but it ended up working decently well for minis when you didn't have to put too much detail into it. I have since painted it green, and I was thinking about looking into some kind of clear gloss coat to make the monster look slimy, but before I even got around to searching for it, I realized I had nail-polish.


Would that work if I carefully painted it onto my mini? Or would it probably crack and possibly ruin my mini, meaning I'd need to make a whole new blob guy from scratch? I'm assuming I wouldn't use a normal paint brush for the task, but I'm really just curious if I can, since this is the only mini I have that needs a slimy look at the moment. Or should I just quit being cheap and go buy some gloss? =p


Thank you, any and all, for the advice you can provide!

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Painting your minis with clear nail polish is a bad idea. I know because a very good friend of mine did that very thing and it was a disaster. Nail polish does not have the proper chemical make up to survive. It begins to break down after just a few days and turns cloudy. If your wanting a shinny finish, there are some clear acrylic paints that will give you that effect. Winsor Newton makes one that I have used in the past.

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Oh man, it was definitely a good thing I asked before I did anything then. I'll keep my nail-polish for my nails then, and I'll look into that Winsor Newton brand, Dixon. And thank you too for the tip MonkeySloth--I'll play around with mixtures and do some tests before I coat my blob guy.


Thank you both!

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