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Reapercon 2013 dates April 18-21


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woohoo! that's our Spring Break Week.


this is the best thing I've heard all day!


I can't possibly agree more. I just hope PAX East isn't the week before.


Easter is on March 31st 2013 so there is a two week break before ReaperCon 2013.


I thought PAX was going to try to avoid Easter weekend next year weren't they? I had heard \that they didn't

manage to sell out on Sunday in 2012.


<pause for google search>


If the PAX forum rumors are to be believed, it will be March 22-24, 2013. I can't find any kind of

confirmation on the PAX site, although they helpfully tell me that registration is closed for

2012. :rock:

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I am thinking that Dark carnival may mean more psychotic clowns! I hate clowns. I really hate clowns. Please, no clowns! Damn my cousin for dragging me to Poltergeist when I was a kid... that damn clown scarred me!


On the bright side, i will be there! Clowns be damned!



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While I appreciate ReaperCon no longer falling on the same weekend as Dallas Comic Con (as it has the last couple years), it also now falls on my wife's birthday weekend. Guess I'll have to cut back on my time at the con next year. Good thing I'm a local.

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Heck just bring her to the Con!! I sat next to a guy who just let his wife paint the entire weekend. He said she worked long hours & by the time she had everything ready to go for painting it was time to go to bed. It was her weekend to just unwind. (helps he had a rpg book to read).

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