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Nefsokar Army Tips

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Ok guys,


I picked up my first 1000 point army while I was at Reapercon. I have played two battles so far with a 300 point Nefsokar army and really liked it but both my boyfriend and I were ready to try a full army. I am a little worried though because he went with Razig and so he has a lot of ranged and cannons! I'm hoping you all might have some tips on how to play my army to get the best out of him. Here is what I have, I am willing to do a litlte tweaking if you think I need to.


998 Points



5 Anubis Guard

1 Fatima

1 Atifa

1 Canopic Jar

1 Familiar

1 Tariq

3 Daughters of Sekhmet

1 Ammat

3 Ammat Devourers

2 Giant Scorpians

1 Dust Devil


I also have Netikerti from my original group that I can switch out if ya'll think I need do. Thanks for any advice!

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Well, what you have is not bad at all (although it is 1037 points, not 998) but it does not try to take advantage of the abilities you have at your disposal. That is, the Warlord ability of Senet. Here is a tweak of your list that gets you under the points, but admittedly does cost a little more money since horses tend to be more expensive models.


Nefsokar - 999 points


Troop 1

Senet Net'merew

Fatima - Staff of Sokar, Familiar

Atifa - Canopic Jar

Khamsin Lancer x 4

Luck Stone


Troop 2


Ammat Devourer x 3

Anubis Guard x 2


Troop 3


Anubis Guard x 2

Daughter of Sekhmet x 2


Troop 4

Giant Scorpion


Troop 5

Giant Scorpion


Now with this list you have both some power units and some speed units. And the speed units get to take advantage of the Warlord ability of Senet. Being able to do swift attacks from 14 inches away can be huge. Also, by splitting up the construct soldiers between the other 2 troops, they are better able to synergize themselves as team mates.


I went back and forth between which caster I think would be more affective with this list. I love Atifa's chain lightnings. She can ride fast and cast it with great mobility. But, I also really enjoy taking Netikerti with her ability to cast exploding sacrifice (probably on one of the scorpions right after it pops up in the middle of the enemy force) and then have Fatima bring it back.


Use the burrowed scorpions at full speed to control the battle field and make your opponent change their set up.


Hope this helps at least spring ideas even if you cannot play it right now.

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I lost for the first time. To dwarves. The shame is overwhelming. ;)


Psh, amateur. I've been playing since college and have yet to win more than 5 games! ::P:


I need to get my Nefsokar out soon, but my Necropolis still have yet to see a game under the new rules...

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