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A few weeks back, Stubbdog requested people start army blogs. So, that's what I'm doing. At ReaperCon 2011 I picked up the bits to make a Kargir army. The metal sat untouched in a drawer for about 9 months. With ReaperCon 2012 fast approaching, I decided I should probably get the army to at least a playable level to field at the ReaperCon 2012 Warlord tournament. I managed to get the army assembled, based, primed, and zenith highlighted in time to get one trial game in before the tournament.


As of right now, I only have the Warlord, Kavorgh, painted up.


As I get additional models painted, I'll post them up here. Also, I'll be writing up a full report of how they did at ReaperCon.

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ReaperCon 2012 write-up


This was my second ReaperCon to attend, and I enjoyed it more. The theme felt more fully fleshed out than last year, and made for a better extended weekend experience. The only disappointment of the weekend was missing out on a class I wanted to attend (first world problem). It was obviously a hot ticket since the IPO sold out within 5 minutes online. When I stopped by the registration desk on Thursday, I inquired when I should arrive on Saturday to get the ticket. “If you show up by 8:45 you’ll have no problem,” the helpful stranger behind the counter exclaimed. So, I arrive at 8:45 on Saturday and ask for the ticket. “Sorry, we sold out 5 minutes ago.” Well, lesson learned. Next year I arrive at 8:30 for class tickets.


The dungeon crawls were great this year. I didn’t have a chance to play any last year, but this year I was able to fit in the Kraken, Sunken City, and an epic Cowboy Shootout game. In Cowboy Shootout the opposing Tatanka managed to tough-up 7 times (1.7% chance) before finally falling to a Sister Sarah beat down.


And finally we get to the meat of this post: the Warlord Tournament. This year saw a wonderful change in the tournament format from last year. The amazing terrain and storyline scenarios made for a great playing environment. Hopefully Reaper continues this trend for next year and also works with Jason, John, and Vince to again create a unique playing experience.


My List


Kargir - 997 points


Troop 1


Knax Madmaw, Goblin Shaman

Tundra Beast Rider

Venomspite, Gnoll Sniper

Goblin Swarmer x 9

Black Orc Marauder x 4


Troop 2

Yenkrak Boneflail

Venomspite, Gnoll Sniper

Gnoll Reaver x 3

Hyena x 4


Troop 3

Mountain Troll


Luck Stone


Game 1

Scenario 2: Pieces of Eight

Eric (TGP) with Reven


My first game was on John’s Mediterranean table playing Scenario 2, the treasure grab. Eric’s list was made up of a couple Ettins, along with lots of bugbears, some goblin archers, and harpies. We each deployed on the Eastern board edge (me on the northern half, Eric on the southern). Ahead of us was about a 12 inch expanse, then a chasm with two bridges (one in front of each deployment zone). On the opposite side of the chasm were the twenty treasure chests.



My strategy going into this game was to move all my treasure grabbers across the cavern while sending all soldiers (non-treasure grabbers) into kamikaze runs against Eric’s captains and elites to delay them. The plan mostly worked as designed. I was able to get many more treasure grabbers across before Eric, who only got his Harpies across quickly (needing a natural 10 to find anything, they were only able to find one piece of treasure after 5 turns of searching).

7252835802_5809f01930.jpg (the minotaur is pretending to be a Tundra Stalker)


After 3 turns of fighting on the east side of the cavern, most of my delayers were dead, but their mission was accomplished. At the end of turn 3 I was up 3 treasures to none.



Starting on turn 4, having dealt with my delayers, Eric began getting several treasure grabbers across the chasm, and by the end of the turn the score was 5-3, me. The final turn I was able to find 3 more treasures, and Eric found one. There was no fighting on the west side of the chasm as we were both more interested in locating treasure the final couple turns. After dividing the remaining unclaimed points I ended up with a 12-8 win. Considering I lost all three games last year, things were already starting to look up.

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. . . Eric’s list was made up of a couple Ettins, along with lots of bugbears, some goblin archers, and harpies. . .


Jeff's report sums it up well. I didn't have such a good treasure hunting list (4 x Captains; no Sergeants or Warlord) and I did not realize until too late I could split officers and their troops. (It was my first 1000 point game of Warlord ever so I don't feel bad.) Here is the full list:


Reven - 1000 points


Troop 1

Nor'Okk, Ettin

Beastman Woodcutter x 3

Bull Orc Berserker x 2


Troop 2

Nor'Okk, Ettin

Korgug, Bugbear Bully

Bugbear Warrior x 3

Luck Stone


Troop 3

Kagunk, Ogre

Gaaguk, Bull Orc Champion

Bull Orc Hunter x 2


Troop 4

Dantral, Half-Orc


Goblin Skeeter x 3

Bull Orc Hunter x 3


Troop 5

Goblin Skeeter x 3


Troop 6

Harpy x 3

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Thanks for posting your list TGP. In hindsight, your list is illegal. If you have a banded troop, then that datacard cannot be in any other troop. So your banded Skeeters and Harpies in Troops 5&6 mean that you cannot take the skeeters and harpy in Troop 4.

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Game 2

Scenario 1: All Ashore

Kevin (MiniCannuck) with Icingstead


Kevin’s list consisted of Boerogg, Yeti Chieftain, Ice Troll, a couple Giant Spearmen, a couple Giant Warriors, an Ice Toad, an Ice Warrior, and a Frost Wyrm.


This game was mostly a bloodbath in the center of the table since neither of us really had anything that could traverse completely unscathed (via teleport, flying, etc.), aside from Kevin’s Frost Wyrm.




One of the highlights of this match was a Goblin Swarmer going toe to toe with an Ice Warrior and winning (as seen on the extreme right side of the image above). This Warrior-slaying goblin inspired much fear in the rest of the Icingstead army for the rest of the match (I’ll have to procure an Ice Warrior head to mount on his base). Eventually, Kevin regained his composure and killed the goblin with a Giant Warrior.

Somewhat surprising, Kevin decided to commit his Frost Wyrm in turn 2 to eat my Tundra Stalker who was speeding across. (I’d tried to Exhume the wyrm in turn 1, assuming it would simply burrow across the battlefield and off the table, but it failed.) The Frost Wyrm then traded blows with Kavorgh resulting in both of them falling.




With Kavorgh dead, and my Troll delayed in the initial deployment, I had nothing that could touch Boerogg, who marched steadily across the field and off the table. At the end, I had gotten a single Gnoll Reaver off the table, and Yenkrak Boneflail ready to join him. On Turn 5 the Ice Troll ran up and based Yenkrak. I couldn’t break from base-to-base, and my only hope of scoring any points for the rendezvous was to kill the Troll and get Yenkrak off the board (per Scenario rules, 1 point per 100 points). Venomspite took aim and was going to have to score both hits to finish off the Troll. Alas, only one die rolled true. The game ended with an 8-12 loss.

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Actually Jeff, that is incorrect. It only means you cannot take more than one band of the same datacard. You can still field the same datacard in its usual way as well (whether that be as a solo, soldier, or whatever).

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Game 3

Scenario 3: The Phoenix Rises

Shawn with Tembrithil


I ended up playing all three games on John’s table. It was sad I did not get to fully experience Jason’s table, but it did make the day of gaming feel very cohesive. Shawn brought Eawood, Chiral, Drys, several Centaur Warriors, a couple Hunting Cats, lots of Saprolings, and a Spirit of the Forest.

Shawn’s strategy was for his speed units (centaurs and cats) to race across to the two supply depots, march his trees down to the boat, and camp Eawood on the ridgeline on sniper duty. My initial strategy was to send the hyenas to the closer supply depot, and commit everything else to the boat while leaving my Venomspites on the ridge. After seeing what Shawn was committing to the supply depots, I also sent the Troll with the hyenas.




Turn 1 we both mostly just ran forward. Shawn used Drys’ blink to jump off the ridge and get into position to claim the boat on Turn 2.




Turn 2 my hyenas run over and claim a depot while Shawn claims the boat with Drys and the other depot with his centaurs. Eawood shoots at one of the Venomspites, doing one hit, while taking two hits and poison in return (nice trade!). Eawood is shot by the other Venomspite, and killed by poison at the end of the turn. At turn’s end, Shawn is up 4-1.


Turn 3 is when I realize I’ve overcommitted to the boat, and brought a stick to a gun fight at the supply depots. My reavers eat Drys on the boat, and my Orcs and Goblins make it to the pier a full turn ahead of the slow Spirit and Saprolings. During turns 4 and 5 I slowly feed Goblins to the Spirit and block off access to the boat. My Orcs do nothing, and would have been better used at the depots.




Speaking of the depots, I send 3 hyenas to block the bridge. They fall easily, and Shawn is able to contest my depot. At the end of turn 3, Shawn is up 5-4.




Turn 4 Shawn finishes off my remaining forces around the depots. From here to the end of the game, Shawn controls the depots while I control the boat. The game ends with me up 10-9 in control points. Since Shawn killed more models, he picked up the remainder for a 10-10 tie.

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