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Wish me luck! KublaCon Entry 2012

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Looks great! The sculpt doesn't live up to your ability. The blending & highlighting on the stone/gem is perfect... I've been trying (to not much success) to get that same effect for a while now.


Good luck!

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There is plenty of praise here so a little critique. Some of this may be from the picture which appears to be a little hazy looking. The skin is very flat, not enough shadows or highlights. Although the blending is great, you needed to go deeper with your shadows everything is appearing very midtone looking. Although I'm not a highlight to white person, there are a couple of places where your highlights could still come up at least a notch and maybe two. Its a good looking piece. There is nothing that really grabs the eye and says "look at me!".

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Thanks for the praise here everyone, and especially thanks to Heisler for the critique. I value that quite a lot. After reading yours and getting more from Laszlo and Derek at the con, I'll touch up the mini and repost a picture soon. Just as soon as I finish grading finals...


Oh, and yes, the photo is not very good. There is a better photo here (where you can see the other minis that were submitted too).

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