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Website being tempermental

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There is probably a standard way to report hiccups with the site that I have not found...apologies if this is the wrong spot.





Found those two entries in the store locator. Same store?? Both links seem to go to the same map location. Entry 926: "lone" needs to be "Lone". The entries differ in opinion as to whether gaming space is available. Last time I visited the store (but that was 18+ months ago) they had one small table with enough space for a board game, a card game or a 2x2 foot demo board for miniatures.

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I am still waiting for my smoke signals to connect. The wind keeps causing massive packet loss. Poor Martin has been lighting all sortos of things on fire to reply. I do applaud his efforts.


On a more serious note, i was having the same issues at work, but at home is fine. I think its a firewall or domain right thing at work because i have seen it on other sites as well.

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Basically it comes down to the fact that Kit needed to make the Website IE8 compatible. All of these errors or issues come down to what browser you are using or other factors like firewalls which are definitely outside of his control.

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