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Extra Terrestrial Control

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Yes. More anatomy and more faces, please.


Will do!


I like the ideas and much of your detail is excellent, my one observation is your mini's shoulders seem very narrow in proportion to the head.


Not that I can criticise, I can barely manage a simple cloak.


Thank you sir, I do believe you're right.



Got my package in the mail. Trying out the J.A.G. FIMO mix.

It's 60% FIMO soft(dolphin grey), 30% FIMO classic(leaf green) and 10% FIMO quick mix. I rationed it by weight, I hope that was correct. Results seem encouraging. A lot of rolling back and redoing things, pushing and prodding, getting the hang of it. It's supposed to settle a bit in a few more hours and I'll see how it behaves then.





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That last head is the dogs' danglies. Superb.



Curious fact:

"...1923, a survivor of a fad around this year for slang terms denoting "excellence" and based on animal anatomy..."



Very interesting! I just started reading this thread, so I was able to follow very well.


Thank you, sir! I hope you enjoy your stay! :D


Working with the FIMO. Bear in mind that I will continue to refine this. The result is pleasing. I am missing some aspects of the Green Stuff but, on the other hand, enjoying the benefits of the clay. It's much more difficult to get smooth curved surfaces but easier to get flat ones. Details can be crisper but the material is less "forgiving". Note the shape of the boot which, to my eye, is the best so far. I'm sort of working wrong technically as I am supposed to place the FIMO on soft Green Stuff rather than on cured but I'm seeing this as an exercise in working with the FIMO and an experiment on how it behaves.







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Don't worry about cliche. Crack that whip!





I wish I had more to report but this is the progress so far. If I had longer stretches of time to work, like an actual working day, I bet I could move a lot faster. Alas, we can only hold so many limes.

I will probably improve my time when I gain more XP with the FIMO...




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