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Extra Terrestrial Control

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The magazine looks like it isn't lined up quite right, but overall, nice movement.


Thanks. Yeah, I'm going to try another iteration later.


Dang, I wish I was that good.


That's what I keep saying :)


I'm taking a sort of breather from sculpting. Letting my mind chew on what I've learned. I'm working on another, more awesomer fluff illustration. Here is a little teaser:



More on my blog:



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I'm not dead yet.

Trying out a 1/72 scale. 25mm high. Working with measurements to a new scale I've come to note that I've had considerable scale creep on the heads of my figures. They're HUGE. I want to do another 1/64 and I want to do also a 1/35. I've started on them but not anything to show yet.





Trooper #1 gets a tab. #2 is on the way.





I am working more on my illustration. Another sneak preview(please note that it's a work in progress):



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