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Talk about a unique piece!


How did you do the little rocks/stalagmites? They give the mini a really alien/otherworldly feel, which I think is a prominent theme in TinMan. So I think they are very fitting -- good job.


I love how the legs are blending in with the turf. I'm confused though -- are the legs yellow-green because they're covered in yellow dust? Or because it's the natural camouflage of the species in its habitat? If it's supposed to be because of dust, I might consider a finer, chalkier texture for the base. But then again maybe not... as I said, the way you have done it is very otherworldly.


The wonder of Star Trek crossed with the horror of Half-life. Good work.

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Thanks for all the great comments!


The rocks in the middle are actually the base that came with the mini. The little rocks further out I sculpted with greenstuff and I tried to copy the original base as much as possible.


The model is actually a creature from the Martian novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs (writen between 1911 and 1943, and upon which the recent Disney film "John Carter" wase based), and is a basic mount in the series. The creature is given a pretty lengthy description and I tried to copy it as much as possible. He's supposed to have a 'slate' colored body which morphs to bright yellow lower legs and feet while having a white belly. Meanwhile, the turf is also based on the book, in which much of the surface of Mars is covered with a yellow moss.


I've been enjoying reading this series of novels, and although they are long winded and repetative and a bit shy on complex characters, they are wonderfully imaginative, as evinced by this creature here. Though far from the greatest fiction in the world, I nonetheless highly reccomend them!

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