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Jareth Valar

Warlord 1 Campaign to Warlord 2 Rules

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First off, thanks to all those who pushed to get Warlord 2 published. Played A LOT back '04-'07 but real life happens and all and I don't think there was anything wrong with Warlord 1 or Rage Chronicles but evolution is the state of the universe.


Second, I know that some here think the old campaign system is "horrible and convoluted" but we enjoy it. It gives the illusion of having to not only fight with your army, but to manage one as well. But that's our thoughts on it.


Now, we (a couple of old school players) have recently been addicting new players and have decided to restart the old map campaign. Not one to re-invent the wheel, the old campaign system works as is about 85%. Only a few (as we see it) modifications were needed.


We changed Warmaster on the character/troop advancement to Weaponmaster.

Added back in Loot Action as a special action (though no Coup-de Grace rules)

Rules that the 50% data card rule applies only to Soldier models

Removed Freelance references (obviously)


Now, I do have a few questions that I'm hoping to get some feedback to.


1) Faction Doctrines. Chosen and set for the whole campaign or decided turn to turn or (like standard) battle to battle?


2) Concerning number 1, the Mercenary Bounty Doctrine Change of Heart ability, does this work only on 1 data card for the entire campaign?


We were thinking initially for number 1 on a battle to battle basis. Most Faction Doctrines feel more like tactical choices that can be determined based on several factors. i.e. If Dwarves know one of their enemies in Knotthorn are Reven with lots of giants, they would obviously send their troops with experience fighting Giants to those squares (Giant Slayer Doctrine and possibly Shield Maidens). However committing only 1 training set to an entire invasion force sounds..foolish.


However, the Doctrine needs to be in the Turn orders with which Unit(s) are sent.


On number 2, we are in some minor debate. Making Mercs choose only once seems to really nerf them concerning the thoughts we have on number 1. My thought is the Merc player can "retain" whichever data cards he/she would be eligible to field with the Bounty Doctrine. He may only sent out 1 stolen data card per square IF he uses the Bounty Doctrine. Any stolen data cards that are available for defense only can, again, only be fielded IF he uses the Bounty Doctrine, and only 1 data card per battle.


Just looking for some ideas, maybe something we missed or what have you.



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Wow...I haven't looked at those campaign rules since the summer of 2005!! No joke! We played a whole summer, with like 6 of us, and only two of us actually attacked: Warwick and myself. We had some NASTY battles over the course of that summer that have made it into Tulsa lore. :devil:


I would have no objections to your proposals if I was playing in your campaign. ^_^

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Yeah, that was about the time of our first try (this is our second, lol) but living at a military base, real life happens more often than not.


We defined the win conditions to make SURE there will be fights, hopefully lots of bloody fights. Win condition for ours id controlling more than 50% of the Urban blocks (31 or more).


Thanks for the input wildbill. That's mainly what I was hoping for, and/or any suggestions anyone might have.

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