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14566, Salty Saber


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This is Salty Saber the barnacles covered lobster claw mutant from Razig’s crew.

I’ve choose a pale green skin tome so it will look more like a zombie.


I really enjoyed painting this Gene Van Horne model.

It is full of nice details like the sea star on it’s back shoulder.


I hope you will like it! All comments and critics are always very welcome.















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That's a pretty awesome sculpt!

Love how you did the blade, the skin and the cape a lot!

I'd give the edges of the lobster-claw and the blade a little extra highlight (on some spots, not allover) to bring more contrast and to pull the attention of his enemies warning them it'll be the last thing they see if they step any closer...


In the first picture, his face reminds me to B.A. of the A-team... but that's probably just me ;-)

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Thanks Gene, it’s a real pleasure to receive your feedback on one of your models.


I’m also a big fan of all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. World’s End was one of my favourite along with The Curse of the Black Pearl. That’s the main reason I chose Razig’s crew as my the first Warlord army to paint.

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I really do think this is the best you've done on one of Razig's Crew Members. I think the not skeletal figure help pump up the creativity a little. Not much you can play with on a Skeleton, so they all seem close to the same after awhile. The new photos and addition of the highlights came out well. The jacket is my favorite part though. Beautiful coloring.

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    • By Brianuk
      I got a skeleton as part of a job lot of Tomb Kings soldiers. It was neatly painted but missing an arm. I used the chain and cutlass from the Reaper Razig weapons sprue, and made a hat out of green stuff. The missing left arm is from the Frostgrave cultists sprue.
      I'm no sculptor but the hat was really easy. I just followed a YouTube video. The base was again just modelling paste for sand, then mod podge for the water. 

    • By Brianuk
      Have finished off these skeleton pirates. They are all Reaper minis from the Razig faction in the Warlord line. 
      Really enjoyed painting these. I worked up from a cream paint spray and a sepia wash. Lots of brighter but desaturated colours for the cloth and lots of rust and brass tones for the metal. The bases are resin, from a company called MVP. I used a sepia wash again at the end of the process and then an all over drybrush with beige. 
      The plan is to pit these against the orc pirates I have been working on. I also have some Freebooter Fate minis and some dwarf and halfling pirates from elsewhere. Plus a load of Reaper pirates. Aaaargh. 

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      Am cracking on with some opposition to my orc pirates. These are the Razig warlord pirate minis. The bases are resin (they are meant to depict trenches but think they will work here). Have sprayed them all with Army Painter skeleton bone. Then a sepia ink wash all over for definition and a process of going through and colouring in. Am going to add a cannon as well. Am going for quite a colourful scheme, that will be muted by the pre shading and then dusted up with an all over drybrush of off white. 

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      Hey all, I thought I'd share a little guide on how I converted two Weapons and Warriors pirate ships for gaming. These guys are usually for sale at a reasonable price ($25-30) on ebay as part of the W&W Pirate Battle game. They have the added bonus of coming with two smaller boats and lots of good extras like cannons and palm trees.

      Here is the unmodified ship. First I clipped the little extra bits that are for the W&W game, and then I puttied over any gaps.

      Then I gave the whole ship a couple of coats of brown primer. For terrain and other projects like this, I usually use Krylon primer. It does just fine when there is not a lot of small details to obscure. I primed the sails white. The main mast, mizzen mast, and bowsprit all detach.
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    • By BloodyBeast.com
      After finishing my Darkreach warband I'm moving to Razig.
      I have almost all minis I need to build my army.
      I would need your help on this project on both look and army lists. I have never used Razig in battle and I'm not going to use it untill I have fully painted playable army.
      The good thing is that we play at low ponts. So army of 500 is fully playable. but I hope to start with about 800pts.
      So before I'll post pictures of minis I need to warn you. This would be 100% unofficial models.
      The most of this army would be made using minis and bits I bought some time ago and put them away at attic.
      Yes this would be a way to recycle them. But I would stick as close as possible to Reaper minis look and try to keep same atmosphere around the army.
      This army has one of my favorites play styles, and I'm not talking about shooting models. The dead fish doctrine. This is my thing. Pass DIS or you wont attack!
      I'll write some more on this soon, stay tuned.
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