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Kyla, Bounty Hunter

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She started as a speed paint job, I paused for a long time and want to get a fast come back by trying to do as much as possible winthin a weekend.

The one thing I learn is, don't do that agian, it kinda ruined the mini in smal ways that would only show when it's nearly finish. And it always pay offs if I check carefully every steps along the way, like clearing flash lines, base coating plan (inner most first, small parts first, etc)...


more WIP shots: http://51-cent.blogspot.com/search/label/Kyla






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I love what you've done here, she looks rugged which suits her perfectly. I almost want to see a slightly lighter highlight in certain areas to add more varied values to the figure, the hair and cream colored cloth areas especially, However that's just a personal opinion and she looks fantastic already. It's really up to you as the artist, as lighter highlights will diminish the rugged look and make her seem more pristine and polished.


One more suggestion that just occurred to me is to maybe use a rough, dry brush stippling technique on shading/highlighting some of the heavier cloth to show texture, like a thicker wool weave effect with less smooth gradients. But I think she looks great, and I also like the detail wash idea. =)

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