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60006: Goblin Warriors: Finally, a post from me!

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Hello everybody. It's been a pleasure and honour to be able to watch and learn from you guys' submissions. And it's been fun for me to give my undeserved criticism to your amazing paints.


These were the first minis I ever painted (this was back in December). They were painted with a box of Tamiya paints which I've since discarded. They are set in Freebooter inset/lip bases. The fish bones were created with a ring I bought for $1 in Shanghai. This ring has a cut-out of a fish, and I stamped it into milliput to get this effect. It's probably evident that I was more concerned with getting the paint in the right spots than I was with the consistency and thickness of the paint. I also learned a lesson about what happens when you decide it's a good idea to paint with pure black out of a 10 year old Testors bottle.


I'm not particularly proud of these, but I have no plans to repaint them because they're my first minis! :)


I seem to have lost the 4th guy, but I'm sure he'll turn up somewhere.


Without further ado, les gobelins!





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