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Old-timey 25mm minis

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Woman with bucket and horse from megaminis. I only own a couple minis from them, but in my opinion the woman is arguably their best sculpt.


I bought a whole bottle of realistic water to do the river in the base! Heads up: The woman took me over a week to paint because of the water. It takes 24 hours to try and clings to the sides. It's not at all user-friendly for filling gaps and inset bases. I got it to work eventually though, and I'm pretty happy with the result.


I had to drill a hole in the bottom of her dress to insert a metal peg. Otherwise she was going to fall over.


I dip and spray-seal all my minis. However, with the woman I was getting a bit impatient with the dipping and I sprayed her a couple hours too early. The unfortunate result was the white flecks all over her front and back.


Other than the flecks, I'm pretty happy with her! She was painted with Tamiya.


The horse was painted with Vallejo, mostly a colour called Cavalry Brown. It appears a bit messy, and probably a bit too dark, so I'd appreciate any tips to make my minis come out cleaner and brighter looking. And I could probably do with some help with faces. :)









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