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Working out point costs of S.A for friendly games.

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After playing a few games of warlord some of our gaming club wants to have a try at creating new units to test out. Obviously unofficial but it's really just for fun anyway. The main problem however is working out a general point cost area these units (S.A being the main difficulty). Like for example here's a ranger chief one of our gamers would like to try out (He's designing a ranger esque faction). Say he would be worth 35pts without any S.A how much should he be then once the S.A start piling on. Prehaps add 3-5pts per S.A? Not trying to be perfect obviously but we do want an overall general point range.


Ranger Chieftain


Ranger Captain

Affiliation: Foresters/Good

Cost: ???

Rank: Captain (3-8/1)

Base: Std

Race: Human

DT 0 1 2

MOV 6 5 5

DIS 8 7 7

DV 9 8 8

MD 12 11 10

S.A.: Dodge/1, Ranger/8, Stealth


MAV 5 4 3

#MA 2

S.A.: Reach

RAV 6 5 4

#RA 2

Rng (16/24)S.A.: Rapid Shot







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Best advice I can give you is go through the SAs and group them into general classes of minor, moderate, and major abilities. Then use a data card that is close to what you want, and swap abilities of similar power to customize the card.


However, there are a number of things in the game that cause synergies, so just swapping A for B often doesn't work. Be prepared to have to tweak the values of your cards through some playtesting to get them closer to what they should be.


EDIT: FWIW, I'd ballpark that above datacard at about 75 points. It reminds me of a cross between Selwyn and Artemis.



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I won't be doing this for all your new designs, but I am in a fun curious mood, so I went ahead and pointed it out to see what it actually would come out as...


Vince is real close...


It came out to 70.27 points = 70



Each item in the data card, from every stat to every SA has almost 10 different formulas being applied to it. None of them are as easy or simple as well SA X should be worth Y number of points no matter what the model is that has it. But rather it is something like, SA A take into account that the model has B number of tracks with C DV (and or MD) so it has a likeliness to survive for D number of rounds in a game. Therefore, since SA A is an offensive SA, and it is a melee one at that, it would most likely have an opportunity to be used E number of times in the game. And since its average MAV is F, and the model has G number of swings, then it has the potential to be affective H percentage of uses for a total of I number of times per round. Now, if the model also has SA J, K, L, or M, then all of those SAs synergize with this SA so take that into account as well. But, if the model has SA N, O, P, or Q then those SAs actually hurt or take away from this SA so take that into account. Now, if the model also has spell casting or ranged attacks ability, compare which they do better and figure out which the player is most likely to use more often, if this SA, then do R or if the other, then adjust by S.....


And this is just a partial list of the items the formulas go and check for. All sorts of other attributes also affect the total cost. Model rank and size for example, also come into play. And several more.


Then once it goes thru all of the different formulas, then you just get the final cost for this particular item related to this datacard. You have to repeat the process for each and every stat and SA, and then recalculate them all again at the end with each change in case any new SAs or stat changes affect your value for this individual item.

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