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Some Dark Sword stuff


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These are a couple of Dark Sword minis from the George RR Martin line.


First up is "Lannister Lady In Waiting", who obviously doesn't intend to wait long. I painted her for the GRRM competition on the WAMP forum. Lots of nice entries, so I won't be too surprised or disappointed if she doesn't place.


The second piece is simply "Lady in Waiting". My husband and I have been playing Pendragon for about a year now and she represents one of the characters. I entered her in the WAMP competition, too, though she's certainly more "nice table-top" quality than competition piece.



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I really like the flowers on dress to right. How did you go about free handing that design? Also could you take a picture focusing on freehand of that section? It looks great!


The sheer fabric also lays very well on first miniature. Great job with I guess the changes in opacity of cloth as it lays on skin. Fantastic job.

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone!


@Dodson - I'll try to get another shot next time I have everything set up, but I don't know if I can get in any tighter on the freehand. If you look too closely, you'll just see an assortment of different colored blobs with some green squigglies. I wanted to do a tiny floral print, but decided it would be safer to go with the illusion of a tiny floral print. The inspiration came from an events sheet that my husband created for our Pendragon game (below). I was looking at it, thinking, "I wish I could find a blouse with that floral pattern on it." Then I looked at the unpainted mini on the table and *ding ding ding*


One of the things that's so much fun about Pendragon is that my husband (he sometimes lurks around here, known as Taliesin) really puts a lot of time into creating or finding really cool visuals. His background is in graphic design and he always comes to the table with maps, graphics, gorgeous character sheets, etc. He's currently doing quite a bit of editing work on the actual rule books with Pendragon creator, Greg Stafford. The character referenced in the sheet below, Bran ap Brychan, is my character. The character that the Lady in Waiting represents is my wife, Maela. This is the first time I've ever played a male character and, right off the bat, I get this poor handmaiden knocked-up. I did right by her, though, and we're now married with FIVE kids. Crazy dice.


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