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Suggestion: Barsoom-inspired Miniatures


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I have always been a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series of books. Based on what I have seen on the web, there is a small but steady interest in the material. The recent Disney movie was an interesting retelling of the John Carter story. Has anyone discussed the possibility of Reaper designing figures inspired by the books/movies? Are there existing miniatures in the Reaper line that already fill this niche? I have not seen any in my browsing of the Reaper store - have I missed something?

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There is already a line of mini's out there that are based on ERB's Martian books....green, red martians and also thoats and great white apes. Not sure if there are zitidars or calots though. Not sure if they are licensed though with ERB's estate.


Found it...It's Bronze Age Miniatures. The listings are not called what you would think but you can see pics of what would be recognized as being from Barsoom...:)

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    • By Mckenna35
      This came across my FB feed today and i got all choked up over a robot!  Maybe because it did so much more than it was ever expected to, or that we've been hearing about it for so long.  Ah well, RIP little rover - you done good.  

    • By fanguad
      After a complete restart (rare for me), I finished up my first model from Tin Man Miniatures.  I don’t recall anyone of this description showing up in ERB’s Mars series, but it has been a long time since I read them.
      I was super-excited to find a miniature with pigtails, and although red martians are supposed to have dark hair there was already so much dark on her that she needed something lighter.  After painting the hair, it was TOO light and drew way too much attention, so she needed something else to balance it out a bit – thus the periwinkle bikini.  I mean, once you’ve committed to wearing a mask/capelet/bikini combo, is coordinating color really a concern anymore?
      The base is from Micro Arts Studios, skull pointed forward so we know she’s bad-butt.
      The main thing that bother me about her is that she does not have the “butt-toothed vampire†thing going on on the rear of her thighs.  I used an airbrush to do the primary levels of skin highlighting, and it really stood out when I tried to paint the back of her legs with a brush.  I scraped it off and left it mostly alone.
    • By The Faceless King
      So I began my slow journey to barsoom gaming the other day, I'll not go into various gaming details here, suffice to say you can visit my blog for those. But here are pics of my first martian figure.
      Dejah Thoris


      Details of my Barsoom Gaming will be held in my blog.
    • By redambrosia
      For next year's swag bag you guys should totally put in Reaper decals I'd love to have one on my car. The spiffy clear kind that can go on windows would be especially nice
      Gots to get me more swag, need more pens hehe
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