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60052: Almah, Merchant Princess

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I picked this up at Reapercon in 2011 and wanted to do something in rich and vibrant colors to bring out the exotic flavor of the character. I'm not feeling it. The figure has been on my table over a year and I'd welcome suggestions.




I started with Dead Rose Red, as I didn't want to go the Blood Red route, and then threw in the purple but it doesn't seem to be working. I tried gold accents (as eventually I planned on gold jewelery, etc) Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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Well, based on what I am hearing, it looks like this is the perfect mini to try out some free hand on. Based on its style, looks like a vibrant silk undercolor would be great for some golden yarn embellishments in the fabric. Several different patterns I think would be fitting. Go take a look at a few of Derek's paintjobs from the last year. He has done a few in this genre that I think would be great inspirations to think from.

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I did some work on it this evening, tried a couple color schemes and ended up here. I couldn't quite get the color adjusted. The coat is more orange and the shoes are more red. I'm aiming for a yellow orange highlight on the coat, with a reddish shadow.





Better? Worse? Needs more boobies?

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I think your color palette is fantastic on this one, especially after the adjustments you made. I think if you really want to make it pop, you should highlight and shade using color rather than just by adding white or black to your base coat. Maybe test some complementary colors off the figure and see what may or may not work. I like what I'm hearing about the yellow-orange highlight for example. I say go with that idea, and shade/highlight everything else with color as well.


Another thought is on the shawl, I like the red tassels a lot. And it begs to have more red freehand all over, like embroidery on a piece of cloth. Just a thought. All in all, I really like what I'm seeing here and I hope that helps you get some ideas. =D

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