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Tuesday Looter and I had a match, him with his beloved dwarves, and me with Karkarions proxying as Korborlas.


My List:



Ragon w/Magic Weapon


Line Breaker

Slayer X4



Hunter X2




I'm sure Justin will post his list. It's one of his with lots of use of the Hammer that grants mighty.


As we were setting up and he was telling me his warlord and faction abilities I figured I would be eliminated rather easily. He was using monster slayer doctrine so all his troops gained 1 mav and 1 defence. Plus Thorgrams warlord ability lowers my tough rating, preventing my from keeping models on the board, which I was counting on with my low model count.


Turn 1 saw mainly movement but I did get a lucky hit on his Ursula with my line breaker, which made her pull back to the clerics. Turn 2 I went first with Luta getting a lucky domination spell to succeed against Durgam. I had him charge Thorgram, but Durgam failed on all his attacks. Most of the rest of the main troop leaped over the Dwarves into their backfield, with Vasl basing Margara. Justin didn't have good luck rolling at the start, as his cure/2 failed to heal Ursula.


The turns and details get a little blurry for me here. I'll go over what I remember, not necessarily in order. My Kosomi troop went around Justin's right flank taking out a couple of grunts, and one of my hunters basing his Snorri. Vasl easily dispatched Margara, but Ragon died a horrible death to Ursula and her stupid hammer in defensive strikes.


Snorri was able to eliminate the hunter but took a wound so he ran to his cleric. At this point Justin was able to swarm most of my units as I had my units a little too spread out. I had a couple of Slayers guarding Luta and my line breaker in the back. Thorgram was able to charge my slayer guarding Luta and put a couple of wounds on him. I took a chance and stunned him with Luta, then had my line breaker and last nearby slayer charge him. I didn't roll great but did manage 3 hits. Thorgram had Mithril armor so only 2 took. The next turn Thorgram took out my line breaker and one of the slayers.


We then ran out of time, pretty much at a draw. For fun we added up the remaining points, with only a 40 point difference. Hopefully Justin can fill in some details.

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It was quite a fun match I will say I dissappointed myself with several bad rolls early but came up strong later while jeff had some good early rolls, (except for Durgam THANK GOD!!!!) and it would have been fairly close at the end no matter what. I don't have alot of time now but I will post my force and a blow by blow from my point of veiw. See ya all in a few hours.

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Sounds like fun. We were howling during our last game and high fiving one another when both the Dwarven King and Varauk both made their tough rolls twice, and then both failed dying together in a bloody heap.


This game is a blast. Keep the reports coming.

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OK here is my force


Troop 1

King Thorgram Grimsteel 148pts / mithril armor 25pts

Magara Firetounge 69

Ivar Silverfist 71

Kneebreaker X3 22

Piercer X3 31

Halberdier X3 18


Troop 2

Ursula, Bear Rider 91pts W/Hammer of the Mountian God 50pts

Durgam Deepmug 77pts W/Hammer of the Mountian God 50pts

Kneebreaker X3 22

Halberdier X2 18


Troop 3

Snori Oathbreaker 103pts W/Hammer of the mountian god 50pts.


Total 999


Giant Slayers Doctrin


This was actually not my first choice of army but it was the one I printed out several weeks ago in preparation for this match so it is the one I used.


The first round saw me go first with several of my units and accidently place my units all first. Not my best moment but it was pretty good anyway. We both moved up my dwarves moving up to a wall that in the middle of the board area. Jeff wounds Ursula for two points. Then saw Jeff dividing his units sending one troop off to the right with 4 big guys in it that I couldn't hit due to trees all blocking any shooting I could do. I took shots with my Peircers and Snori, no hits. Ivar Fails his Cure 2 with a roll of 1 on Ursula whom has moved back. Not cool. Magara tries to put up an Arcane Shield also 1 for another fail. Double the lame. I lose all initiative. Jeff tries to control Durgam with a spell and succeeds. Then he tried to hit with Durgam on Thorgram. Fails THANK GOD.


Round 2 I go first again and try and move Snori and the piercers up to where they can do some good, Durgam and Thorgram both move to the corner of the wall in the middle to have the wall kind of help control the direction of the enemy attack (Didn't work see that later,) Ivar lays on hands with Ursula healing her 1 point to get her on her second track. Jeff then moves and rushes all over my army sending a guy to base the Piercers, Ivar, Magara, Snori, Half my little guys and Ursula.


Round 3 Jeff proceeds to kill Ursula, Magara, the Piercers with a Sweep attack, wounds Snori, and Durgam. My counter punch from Ursula is Epic. Drops the 5 track guy in two great swings from the "Hammer" gets a savage point and drops him even as she herself is taken out. WAY TO GO URSULA. Snori wounds his base guy and moves out, Ivar gets a heal off and heals snori, Thorgram moves up to swing on a trooper protecting a caster and wounds him 2 of 3. Durgam kills a guy out right and my little dudes mob another soldier to death. Jeff at the end kills more little guys so I am down to 5 soldiers and the 4 heroes, while stunning Thorgram and wounding him for 2 (mithril armor rocks).


What i think was round 4 Jeff tries to Spy me but I Spy him back and get to go with two of my units which lets me kill a guy with Durgam on 4 hits with mighty, (Slightly over doing it!) and snori kills a soldier which then brings up another kill by my little guys left, and two kills by Thorgram,(while stunned no less) by splitting his swings one each and landing with both for two kills with mighty. Snori gets killed by random Retaliation due to mighty and Cleave so not so cool. Ivar uses the last of his magic to heal Durgam back to full. We then call it due to the store closing. Jeff had 40 more points left but I may have been in a better position to chase down one of his guys and kill him and kill at least one more with my remaining troops. So we called it a draw so it was not a bad game for either of us.



Now some of that match may be slighty out of synch since I am just getting home from a long day and this was a couple of days ago but that is pretty close to what happened. I wish I had remembered the Earthquake on the Hammers was 18 and not 12 I somehow got that mixed. But oh well.

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