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Gateway Faction?

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By the way, Lue, Shak is in Houston. Shak, Lue is between Austin and SA if I remember correctly.


Just in case an opportunity arises from that.



Sorry to butt in on this topic, but I am in Houston and I have been checking out games stores and the like to see if there are any Warlord games groups that meet in the Houston area. Especially one that doesn't mind possible new players hanging around, asking questions and whatnot. Haven't found one yet. Shak (or anyone else) know of any? Many thanks.

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Well, Ron (vutpakdi) and myself are pretty much the only ones that organize Warlord games at stores in the area, and neither of us has done anything recently (I may be speaking out of turn for Ron, but I know I haven't). The last thing I ran was my dungeon crawl back at OwlCon. I'd love to get out and play again sometime soon, and my schedule has finally improved a little to make that possible.


Asgard Games on Kirby has always been good about letting us use their table space, but you won't find a lot of Reaper product there, so it has been hard to build up a stable group on any size. I do have a list of local players that I email when I am planning something, so if you want to PM me your contact info, I'd be glad to keep you in the loop.



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