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What should I make out of this?

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This is one of the toys that my boys broke lately - looks like it's ripe for making into something. This can be another child's toy (which they will fight over), costume prop, mini scenery, vehicle, weapon, whatever. No genre restrictions, though I've been making VSF lately.


What should I make this into? The flanges are about 1cm apart.



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Add some disks along the narrow section, some wire/pipes from the bottom, run it at 45 degrees from the base you attach it to and make a tesla cannon! a nice dull gunmetal with metallic copper highlights, it could really be groovy.

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An ornithopter.


Add a set of wings (or two) along back end of flanged piece; a 'speeder-bike' type seat right behind the round end on the flanged part; control yoke/handles/bars coming up off the round end in front of the seat (w/in reach of rider/pilot); can either fill in sides of round end w/ 'fan blades', domes for 'eyes'/lights, or turrets for weapon mounts (not quite 360^ arc of fire for each, but then don't want to shoot yourself off your own ornithopter).


Landing skids/legs optional.



Or a sonic screwdriver.

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I am thinking ... giant dragonfly ship for a retro-futuristic setting, a la Slipstream. I assume that the circle at the "pommel" is repeated on the other side? Find two spherical objects (or domes) of equal or greater diameter than the circle on the right, and insert them as "eyes" for the head of the dragonfly. Make translucent plastic wings out of blister plastic, reinforced by vein/supports made out of plastic sprue or small-diameter dowels. If you actually CAN find some large plastic wings to put on, all the better.


Find some piece of vehicular junk that can be attached to the "back" of the bug, to attach the wings to, and to serve as the cockpit/seat for the rider. Legs from techno-junk bits or sprues as available. Sprue/junk/guns/whatever for antennae. Cylindrical add-ons for "rockets" or "jet engines" or whatever optional, depending on what other junk you have at hand.


Dragonfly "eyes" could actually be ray-gun turrets, if you have two "ray guns" of equal design (for symmetry) you can stick into them; if you're already using something gun-like for antennae, this could be overkill. Or, find some ring-like shapes you can put on the spheres (again, you'd need to find them in pairs, for symmetry), and paint them up as miscellaneous techno-things of uncertain purpose.

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